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October 19, 2012, 7:00 pm

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The Barony of Sour Fruit

Some location/geography planning, not really meant or intended for Strolenite judgement, moreso for idea spooling.


 The Barony of Sour Fruit encompasses the area of the nation West of the crown's own lands surrounding the Capital, until it encounters the only other barony to its west that encompasses the coast. Most of the Barony is well traveled, featuring little wildness besides a few fringe areas to the North and South, as well as a few forests, one of which dominates the Northern border entirely. The majority of the countryside is rolling hills with a few plains interspersed, but only a few mountains are present, serving as useful navigation aids.

The Barony of Sour Fruit is overseen primarily by the High Baron Fruit, by all accounts a wise and fair man with an unfortunate family name. The Baron's family owns great swaths of profitable orchards which keep them afloat financially. The family of Fruit gained its name in antiquity when their promise of fruit for a King's coronation did not ripen as expected, causing great embarrassment to the King, who christened them as punishment.

Besides the orchards, mining, farming of other agricultural products and livestock form the backbone of the economy. The majority of the population are serfs working in mines or on various farms.

Locations of Interest:
Sour Fruit Orchards: The High Baron's Estate, located in the Eastern portion of the Barony, to be close to the capital.

Stronghoof Mine: The most productive iron mine in the nation.

Pyrim: A northern town where The Kingmaker campaign will likely begin. Located just removed from the border of two nations, Pyrim has a fairly regular military presence and is a major source of furs from trapping, thanks to its proximity to the forest along the Border.

Frond Manor: The estate of a lesser Baron who is embroiled in a land dispute with another nearby Baron.

Ashen Mire: The former location of a marsh that was drained by the family that now runs it as an orchard. In a dispute with the Fronds.

Castle Vain: The largest military presence in the area, featuring a garrison that is primarily used for training new recruits and policing the Barony. Under the direct command of High Baron Fruit through his Commander, John Cairo.

Important People:
Commander John Cairo: High Baron Fruit's Right-hand man and future son in-law.

Baron Frond: A wealthy banker whose family has long owned Front Manner. Baron Frond has numerous connections with the Capital and abroad. He's a miserly, greedy old man.

Baron Stuart: Usually seen as a laughingstock by other nobles, Baron Christopher Stuart's lands are encompassed mainly by orchards. He's relatively poor, having lost a great deal of money due to bad business propositions. Stuart is extremely loyal to the crown, and is one of Baron Fruit's close friends.

Lomar Stronghoof: Owner of Stronghoof mine. Lomar is a rough and tumble man with little patience for nobility or people who waste his time.

Lenny: The most competent archer in the Kingdom, Lenny is a peaceful man who prefers trick shooting to warfare. His services are often called upon by Baron Fruit however.

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