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January 27, 2018, 9:53 am

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Technomancer's Four Tests


This is a system of classification that admittedly I shamelessly copied from TES (The Elder Scrolls). It sorts traps and puzzles into four categories known in TES as The Four Tests. Examples of each that I made myself are included.

Technomancer Ruins are often secured with Traps and Puzzles that must be solved or traversed to proceed. These obstacles are modeled after the principle of the Four Tests. The Four Tests are as follows: The Test of Pattern, The Test of Disorder, The Test of Evasion, and The Test of Confrontation.

The Test of Pattern requires the observer to examine and analyze for patterns before he acts, with the understanding that many patterns are subtle or hidden.

The Test of Disorder requires the observer to proceed systematically when no pattern is perceived. When the observer recognizes that many things must be done, and in no specific order; the procedure is to perceive and order all the things to be done, and, upon doing a thing, to recall how and when that thing has been done. For example, the observer must remember the initial position of a thing, and also the new position of that thing.

The Test of Evasion requires the observer to examine the obstacle, and compare his resources and abilities; if the obstacle is too difficult, seek for a path around the difficulty.

The Test of Confrontation requires the observer to examine the obstacle, and compare his resources and abilities; if the obstacle is too difficult, look for a path around the difficulty… but if no path around can be found, confront the obstacle directly.

Below are some examples of each:

Example 1: The Laser Lock Puzzle.

Type: Test of Pattern.

Description: An obstacle such as a door or barrier blocks the way. There is a system of colored lasers along with multiple colored lenses that are connected to it. Both the lasers and lenses are Red, Green, and Blue. There are buttons between the lenses.

Solution: This is a color matching puzzle. The lasers must be connected to the other side of the system forming a circuit. You must strike the buttons between the lenses with something to rotate them so that the colors of them match the colors of the beams that touch them. This means you must line them up with the appropriate colored lasers so that they can pass though them to the other side.

Example 2: Rotating Floor Puzzle.

Type: Test of Disorder.

Description: At the center of this large circular room is an artifact. The artifact is protected by a forcefield which blocks access to it. This barrier is connected to the floor which appears to be a chaotic mess of abstract disconnected lines. There are four control modules in the room that are different colors.

Solution: This is a bit tricky since this puzzle can disorient people in the room when attempting to solve it. The floor is divided into multiple concentric rings that can rotate. These rings are connected to the four control modules. Each one rotates the floor rings according to some specific rules. More then one module can control the same ring and they can rotate them in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction. To solve the puzzle and remove the forcefield, you must figure out the rules each control module moves the floor by and align the rings so that the lines connect to each other forming a pattern. However anyone standing on the floor will move with the floor when it rotates.

Example 3: The Watery Hallway.

Type: Test of Confrontation.

Description: A long hallway stands before you. The floor is a deep pit filled with water. Metal barred gates extend from the ceiling to the water. The sides of the pit have some odd array of objects. The floor is covered in solid gold lines. You can see what looks like a long platform under the water. There is a control panel on the wall that might be connected to it and the gates.

Solution: What you see under the water is a mechanical bridge. This can be raised so that you can cross the pit safely. The gates prevent you from flying or levitating across the pit but don't even think of trying to swim under them. The arrays of objects that line the pit walls are sensors connected to the purification systems. Any organic matter that is spotted in the pit will send a powerful stream of electricity though the water. To cross to the other side you must figure out how to work the control panel to raise the bridge. This will also raise the gates allowing you to cross.

Example 4: The Laser Grid Room.

Type: Test of Evasion.

Description: You finally reach the Data Vaults. The ancient computers are still fully intact and functional after all of these years. The floor of the room is made of lit up tiles. A disabled control panel is on the wall next to the entrance.

Solution: The floor is connected to the security systems and is pressure sensitive. The slightest increase in weight will trigger a Laser Grid to sweep across the room and burn anyone who touches it to a crisp. Since the control panel that can deactivate the floor is disabled, you must access the computers without touching the floor or allowing anything to fall on it. This can be done by flying or levitation.

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