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May 2, 2015, 1:44 am

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A list of subs looking for collaboration

The Sword Leviathan

Book Called Regret

30 Assassins necromancer

The Bygnok

Following The Drum

The Plink

Excerpt from Lockwhistle’s Adventurer’s Companion for Beginners

The Insides

Ven Cred

Sonic Bell

Trickster's Tankard (minor and major)

Wobble jelly

The Mages of the Gray

The Delver's Salvation

Posting Advice

Posting Societies

Posting Locations

Posting Articles

Order of the Celestial Sky

The 30 of Selador

The Line of Thune


The Book of Quests

Halfling nomads



30 Gladiators


Novo São Paulo

The Fall of the Knights

Wilhelm the Courageus

Revelia, the time looped world

Npc History Generator

30 More Pirates

The Tome of the Mad Lich

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       By: Skyblue

I once read a book about a group of people who discovered a hidden temple city in a mountain range, where the Incas-the ancient civilisation of Peru- had fled to when the spanish invaded. When this group found the burial chamber of one of the inca high priests, they unleashed a powerful curse upon them all...

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