Cartomi System

The Cartomi system is one the the core systems of the Starkin Federation. While not particularly rich in resources, it had the right ratio of resources to be colonised early, and was at the right place to serve as a gateway to a large portion of the federation. Now a bustling centre for commerce, it is one of the highest traffic areas of the federation, as ships come in and out of the system loaded with goods. Because of the wealth flow through the system, military presence is higher than elsewhere, and they tolerate few disturbances. The Local commander of the Cartomi Defence Forces is Sky Marshall Warren 'Green' Laubert. Three times decorated for exceptional valour on the face of the enemy, and one of the few men to have earned the distinction of passing both Mobile Infantry training and Space Pilot Indoc.

Sirotto Paradise

The discovery of a new manufacturing process for Calabi-Yau engines manifold generator drastically increased the demand for rare earth metals. Due to a natural fluke, this young and overlooked system is positively bursting with Lanthanum, Neodymium and Promethium. which prompted its rapid colonisation. Currently, United Mines And Terraforming holds the lion's share of the mining operation on all four rocky planets.

United Mines And Terraforming

One of the big five in the mining business, UMAT is responsible for colonising and exploiting well over a dozen systems. The current CEO, Daniel Sidorov has began a process of modernisation that may very well raise UMAT to the very top of the very lucrative the mining industry. Even without this bold move, UMAT shares remain one of the stablest investments that can be made.

Lloyd's Register (Danilova)

One of the oldest entities still existing, Lloyd's Register continues to provide the most trustworthy service available.


A very big and trustworthy name in shipping insurance. Offices almost everywhere, HQ on Simidor V.

Cinitech, Inc

A small but growing name in manufacturing processes. They have made headway against their competitors by relying heavily on artificial intelligence for the machines. This has led to a reputation for machinery that will sometimes argue back with its owner, and they are the butt of numerous jokes. Customers of Cinitech would mostly agree with this reputation, although they will grudgingly admit that the machines are almost always right.

Montiac System

The Montiac system has always been a thorn in the Federation's side. Ruled by a series of dictators that all warranted the title of warlords, the system used to be a vibrant commercial hub until the collapse of the Bismuth and Tellurium price bubble. When all the companies pulled out, the system was left with no security forces, and the rule of law collapsed as well. Recently, 'Marshall' Mebay Untanday has began to unite the three system that make the M-Y-K constellation under his banner, and a brutal rule of law has returned, under the banner of capitalism. There have been rumours of a very large slave exchange on one of the Montiac planet, but since the system has no natural resources, and does not participate meaningfully to federation commerce, the Federation does not care to intervene.

Montiac Foreign Commerce Guild

The MFCG is a paramilitary organisation under the control of Kiril 'Hatchet' Bokanov. While it presents itself as a community of parties supporting free trade, they have been know to murder and destroy to further their goals. They have some legitimate business interest.

Landorff Freight Company

The LFC is a small mercenary band out of the Montiac system. They've tried to go legit several times, with a reasonable measure of success. Since leaving the Montiac system, they have had no records of wrongdoing. Their HQ is currently on Vasimir Colonial Station in the Modabi system. They sometimes carry out legit jobs for the MFCG.

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