A Staff of Doves is a plain staff made from white wood, with silver caps. It is not uncommon for these staves to be topped with either a charm of dove feathers, or a dove made of silver or carved from a semi-precious white stone.


A Dove staff is created from any pale wood that has been properly cleansed and enchanted with a summoning spell. These are not difficult to create.

Power Dramatic

A Staff of Doves can summon a number of doves from thin air. They do not come from the tip of the wand like a perverse pigeon gun, but rather appear within 10 feet of the wand and all go flying away from the caster. Most will go in the same direction but a few will go fluttering off in random directions.

Free Action - after a swarm of doves has been summoned, all members of the staff-bearer's party gain a free action. This can be a move action, a prep action, and so forth. These specifically cannot be attacks, attacks of opportunity, or actually casting a spell.


Everything slows down, a cloud of doves fly across the screen ~ 90% of all music videos from the 80s

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