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February 24, 2007, 11:55 pm

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Sorn Ironspirit


A powerful conjurer with an affinity for iron, Sorn has paid a terrible price for his power.

Special Equipment:

Ancient Bastard Sword: While not mystic in any particular way, this blade is so incredbly -old- that it has acquired the sharpness and durability that can only come from a legendary blade. Truly, any power it has comes from the legends of the Ironspirit forges. It is a Grand Masterwork weapon.


Thin, lanky, and badly scarred, Sorn is one often looked at twice, but it is out of some sick curiousity that eyes return to his mangled face and tattered, silver hair. Sorn is a man of few words, his raspy voice as unpleasant to hear as his face is to look upon.

Sorn favors green for his clothing, preferring a simple tunic and trousers, clothing enchanted to behave as armor might. Often, a long, moss colored traveling cloak adorns his shoulders, hiding the worst of of his scars in shadows and cloth.


Born into a long line of renowned sword smiths, Sorn was put to work in the forge by the time he was 10, hard, brutal work that he quickly discovered he had no taste for. Instead he found himself much preferring the company, and soon, the learning of the enchanter that often worked side-by-side with his father, producing some of the finest weapons possible for the Emperor’s Chosen. So taken by this man, it was not long before Sorn delved into the arts of sorcery, this enchanter his first tutor.

It was during this delving that Sorn discovered his natural talent for magic, as well as the deep inclination that it ran. Sorn had a skill for the magic of metal. Summoning and manipulation of iron were his great forte. So it was, with this talent, that he followed in the footsteps of his line, learning to craft armor and swords with his mind rather than his muscle.

It was at the end of his third decade that he found something more. Sorn learned that he could summon forth spirits from the demi-plane of metal. After a time, he found one greater in power than himself, yet it was not a malevolant spirit. It was, however, one that wanted something. Now, fused with the spirit, Sorn finds himself far more powerful than he ever was before, power enough to potentially challenge the Emperor himself - Yet he finds himself slowly losing ground to the will of the spirit, which sought an anchor in the Prime world. Through him, the spirit can come and go, and he can come and go to the Demi-plane of metal at will, yet how long can he remain himself? 

Roleplaying Notes:

A powerful conjurer, Sorn can create items of metal at will, using them for both offense and defense. So too can he channel the metal into his body, using it to become stronger and tougher(Iron), or swifter and more dextrous(Mercury), but not both at the same time. In addition, he is a sorcerer of significant skill.

At times, however, the metal spirit takes over his will. A creature of entirely alien intellect, its desires are beyond human ken. Typically, however, it enjoys consuming the magic of metallic items, and will generally seek to increase its own power. It’s grand scheme appears to be to align its own plane with the prime - for what reason, however, it is difficult to assess. Whatever it knows, it’s not telling.

Adventurers may become entangled with Sorn and his personal possessor in several ways: Sorn may choose to make his move against the Empire, attempting to conquer it from within. Depending on the disposition of the Emperor, adventurers may choose either side.  They may also become entangled with the spirit, unaware of the duality of Sorn’s nature: It may use them as pawns in its scheme, or it may attempt to pilfer and eat an artifact that the adventurers desire to protect for some reason. More, Sorn may choose to recruit them in some attempt to free himself, though this will be beyond difficult.

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Comments ( 5 )
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April 12, 2004, 2:18
Here are your brownie points. Thank you for making a post that does not make my eyes bleed. Thank you for making a post that I actually liked.

The character has depth, an intersting spin on some basic concepts, and a few novel ideas. In short, "YAH!"
Siren no Orakio
April 12, 2004, 8:31
Heh, thanks Moon, I think.

A twist I thought up as I went through my morning routine: Perhaps the metal spirit is not an it, but a she - A she that wants to use Sorn in a complex plot that involves breeding creatures capable of sentient thought and survival on both the prime material and on her native demi-plane. Having substance beyond either plane, this would in effect create a sort of super-race, but one not without its weaknesses, perhaps one she can use to conquer at home, or on the Prime.
April 13, 2004, 1:46
:) Every advantage should have a matching disadvantage. That one is a doozy.
Voted the Wanderer
December 23, 2007, 21:21
I like him....
Voted OmegaDraco
February 21, 2012, 14:34

Nice! I like to think that Sorn could take over the Metal spirit's body on the Metal plane. There could actually be a power struggle between the two. Suppose the players help the spirit by finding powerful metal artifacts in the Prime plane and feeding them to the spirit-controlled Sorn. If they help the metal spirit, it completely takes over Sorn and begins merging the two planes. When the planes are merging, the players will begin seeing more and more features, landmarks, and creatures from the plane of metal appear in the prime plane. It may or may not be too late to try to reverse what they have done. They must then try to help Sorn by destroying artifacts of power in the Metal plane, but then they would have to constantly be on the run from the powerful metal spirit with Sorn's ability to occasionally intervene as their only respite. If they help Sorn, the metal spirit is weakened and Sorn is able to fully control himself (though he does lose a significant amount of the borrowed power) and the planes will begin drifting apart.

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