Almost identical to the encounter suit, the Sneak Suit is a body fitting 'sleeve' garment. These suits are not brightly colored as many ECs are, they favor black, gray, or white. The best Sneak Suits are thin enough to fit under normal clothing, even to the point of allowing the wearer to look like they are wearing shorts, a skirt, or other skin barring clothing by mimicking the color of their skin, or being translucent. The Sneak Suit shouldn't be noticed as a sneak suit even when being worn in a highly visible public setting.

Specific Abilities

The Sneak Suit is by definition a passive stealth system. it's abilities are constantly active and cannot be turned on or off. Being passive in nature, they are very hard to detect, and this can be problematic for security systems that are looking for anomalous readings, energy patterns, EM signatures, and such, because they aren't set up to notice a lack of these things.

Ultraviolet Sheath - the sneak suit is designed to block UV light. This means that many basic security scanners won't read surface biometric sensors. Exposed scannable codes and identifying tattoos are obscured from digital scanning.

Dazzle Pattern - the UV sheath isn't the same density across the suit, it has asymmetrical patterns that break up the outline of the person wearing them. Smart systems that look for human shapes and facial recognition do not recognize a person in a sneak suit as a person, but rather as a refraction in a sensor. So long as human eyes aren't monitoring the specific scanner, a person in a sneak suit can walk through an AI identification system with ease.

Thermal Sheath - the suit has a mini-heat sink built into the belt pack. The pattern and flow of the suit channels heat from the suit to the heat sink. The wearer doesn't have any appreciable heat signature, and doesn't leave thermal prints where they walk. This makes sensors relying on heat blind to their location.

EM sheath - the inside of the sneak suit is shielded against EM and radio waves. This means that anything inside the sheath is cut off from the outside network. Superficially this blocks things like biometrics and biometric devices, allowing a person with full cybernetic uplink ability to vanish without disabling their gear or undergoing surgery to remove their augments. Such an operative with the ability to use a hardline to link to a system would be able to hack like anyone else, but would only be visible if they could be detected at their point of access. A second bonus of the sheath is that anything tucked inside the suit functionally vanishes from the digital world, a good way to steal smart devices, or smuggle in small weaponry.


Heavy Sneak Suit - the heavy sneak suit combines the full protective ability of an encounter suit, with the full stealth abilities of a sneak suit, at the cost of being readily visible to the eye. These are more akin to the bodysuits from comic book movies, and hiding them is difficult at best, requiring a large coat, cloak, or such.

Sneak Armor - sneak armor is functionally a set of Light Power Armor that has had it's components coated with the same material as a sneak suit, and then typically equipped with a cloak to further assist with concealment. These are used in rural and ruin environments where blending into a crowd is less important and surviving a hostile environment is more paramount.

Sneak Cloak - a simple cloak made of the same basic material, the sneak cloak allows for a wearer to carry larger equipment, or to use a much cheaper to make cloak over a custom made suit. Even if a cloak doesn't completely conceal a wearer, it can make them look much different to electronic surveillance, a man in a full power armor suit draped in a sneak cloak might register as a man in basic armor or a standard auton.

Stealth Net - the materials used to make the sneak suit can be made into almost any shape, and it isn't uncommon for special forces, mercenaries, and other groups to use tarp sized sheets of sneak material as camouflage netting for vehicles, aerospace craft, or even mecha.


The main use of Sneak Suits is for covert operations where spies, ninja, and assassins don them to spoof the electronic and robotic countermeasures of the Cosmic Era. These suits allow for surgical precision in covert ops.

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