Filename: Skald the Ignorant

Morphology: Standard Human

Race: Danish Norseman

Sex: Male

Current Age: 30

Occupation: Warrior - Swordsman in service to Jarl Ragnar

Current Residence: Yigvald Hold

Faction/s: Clan Tyr

Background: Not much is known about the early life of Skald other then the fact that he always "behaved strangely", was "hard to bring up as a warrior", and "never took anything seriously". But the most interesting thing is that this man was considered to have "the mind of a child" even up to his mid 20s. This is what gave him the name "the Ignorant".

Based on the tales told of him, Skald is one of the most fierce warriors of Clan Tyr but is not aware of that fact. After interviewing Jarl Ragnar we got many, many, details of this man.

Ragnar said it was basically impossible to get him to understand why he was being trained to be the warrior Odin wanted him to be. However it was quite easy to get him to master the art of combat. Skald excelled above all others by age 16. The only thing that was wrong with him was that he treated his training as a kind of game.

After consulting with his parents, it was decided to take advantage of this ignorance and tell Skald that battle was a game in which as long as you played your best, you would always win. And that the game ends only when Odin decides it should end. How that is decided is when an enemy finally beats him and makes him sleep until a Valkyrie wakes him up. Finally, the more enemies he kills, the more Odin will reward him once the game ends. Skald understood that explanation the best.

Because of this, when he fights in battle, he is always underestimated by enemies due to the innocent child-like facade he displays when roaming the battlefield. But every enemy that thinks he is an easy kill is instantly felled by his blade the moment they try to attack him. Once the battle is over, he is showered with praise at a battle well played in order to keep him motivated.

This made us suspect that Skald might be mentally handicapped. Which was immediately confirmed when we tried to talk to Skald himself. Skald had a very difficult time articulating his words and thoughts in anything other then the most simple and basic of ways. But he is very content with his life as a warrior.

Current Status: Skald has fought a total of 12 battles so far in his life and has 138 confirmed kills. More then any of the other vikings of Clan Tyr. Finding him will be easy as he is hard to miss with is below average communication skills and the fact that everyone knows who he is and what he looks like. If you want to find him, just ask anyone in Clan Tyr and they will point you towards his location.

End of line.

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