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February 2, 2018, 1:41 am

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Singularity is the mother of the Prophecy Elemental race.

Singularity is the original purely Elemental Warrior and also the only surely recorded direct relative of Mjolnir. By most accounts she is described as Mjolner's daughter but some say she was his mother or even a cousin.

While the Book of the Red(the most widely accepted collection of lore among Millennials) tells us that Mjolnir displayed a vast array of powerful abilities to supplement his battle prowess, Singularity wielded purely Elemental powers. Her main power was unmistakably Fire, with her second being Lightning. These two powers make the legendary duo that signal the existence of the most powerful asset in the Elemental Army: The Heir of Storm and Fire.

Singularity is not actually recorded as a Warrior in the Elemental Army of old, but opted to train powerful Warriors through the generations. She was invaluable in the creation of the Prophecy that governs modern Elemental Society and was present to support the Original Elemental Seer rise to power.

In short, Singularity is an indispensable part of Elemental history.

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