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January 18, 2007, 5:34 pm

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Shadows Curse


Ghostly flaming apparition of a blade, slayer of spectres and all that is ethereal, wielded by its durable hilt inlaid in gold, silver, ivory and white pearls.  It can turn the tide when fighting the intangible.

It is said that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.  Perhaps this holds true until one is faced with a being so evil and callous that it would suck the very life out of you with a simple touch.  There are those that despise these creatures so that they traveled to the plane from which these creatures came to forge weapons powerful enough to not only slay but to harness them and use that power in the defeat of others like them.  For this very purpose the Wraiths Curse Blades were made. 

Eunethstus was a great elven knight in the early days of Myth Drannor.  Here he upheld the law, defended the weak and stood for honor.  In his spare time he forged some finely crafted weapons as a hobby and become quite good.  While on extended patrol one evening he encountered a frightening sight, a covered wagon moving toward him at a dangerous rate of speed.  Sitting on his steed in the middle of the road, he attempted to get the attention of the wagon driver who appeared not to pay him any mind.  Squinting, Eunethstus could see shifting figures in pursuit of the wagon, as black as onyx.  Peering so intently to verify his suspicions, his concern was valid.  “Wraiths!” he cursed.  Taking up his bow, Eunethstus fired a screaming signal arrow hoping someone would get the message, then drew his blade immediately following and prepared to strike.

At this moment the caravan hit a bump nudging Kelendun awake.  “Have you the sense of a frog, boy?!  Why are you going so fast” he shouted to his apprentice.  The boy simply turned slightly and pointed behind all the time hoping that the figure on horse back a good distance in front of them would get the hint and get clear of the area or provide another target for the creatures in pursuit.  Turning to see what Nickenas was pointing to, Kelendun gasped.  By the gods, this is not good not good at all.  “Where are my staff and the ring of feather fall?” Kelendul questioned.  “In the chest master” came the reply.

Eunethstus decided to allow the wagon to ride by hoping for a change to take down the creature in pursuit of it. It seemed his wish would come true.  He swung high and managed to catch one of the creatures but the other remained intent on catching the wagon.  Then the creature struck him and he felt cold and somewhat weaker.  Calling upon his sword he swung again but missed.  So to did his opponent.  This went on for several minutes until he defeated the creature.  Weakened, Eunethstus was able to divert his attention once more to the fleeing wagon.  Feeling ill, he began his pursue of the remaining creature and its intended target.

By the time Eunethstus reached the wagon it laid in a ditch to the side of the road.  Its inhabitants were nowhere to be seen.  Eunethstus quieted his steed and focused on the sounds around him.  In the distance a faint cry, that of someone trying to yell as if without breath was all he heard.  On foot he proceeded and allowed his mount to remain free.  A short trek into the woods he found them, student and teacher.  The student was dead, ghost white and devoid of life.  Next to him lay Kelendun who was barely alive.  Eunethstus was able to provide the mage with an elixir that would provide the strength to move on his own for a short time.  He then picked up the apprentice’s limp body and together they made their way to the road.  Upon their return to the wagon they were greeted by five elven guards and Eunethstus’s steed.  After pulling the wagon free from the ditch and repairing some minor damage they escorted Kelendun to the great city of Myth Drannor.  Once there the mage buried his apprentice and nephew.  During his recovery the Knight and Mage spoke of many things and often returned to the very story of the events responsible for their meeting.  After one such conversation they decided to work together on something that could turn the tide against such creatures.  Traveling to the planes of shadow they fought hard to procure the rare metal needed to forge the swords blade.  Next was the demi-plane of smoke and mists from which they barely returned with the pearls necessary for Eunethstus to fashion the hilt.  After many months in the making, Eunethstus completed a masterwork/psudo-magical sword ready for the magical weavings that would tie it all together into a blade or reckoning.  Kelendun cast the final spells and sealed the bond of these rare components.  They considered many names for this joint venture and finally agreed that Shadows Curse would be her name.

Shadow’s Curse - A finely crafted long sword with a hilt inlaid with gold, silver and ivory styled in ghostly forms which encases three white pearls.  Only a small portion of the blade exists until drawn from a fairly short pitch black leather scabbard.  The tangible part of the blade contains part of an inscription. “May that which evades touch”. The remainder of the blade appears and is readable only to the creature the sword accepts as honorable and worthy.  The remainder of the inscription reads “be tangible to your retribution”.  Upon contact with an incorporeal creature the inscription flairs in a cold black flame.

Magical Properties:

Shadow’s Curse has the following abilities.

Bane - Against incorporeal creatures it inflicts addition damage and ignores the missed chance associated to incorporeal creatures.

Upon slaying of an incorporeal creature, the sword receives charges by consuming the creature, but only if the final blow is delivered by this sword.  When full the sword can grant usages of spells linked to it for the wielder only.  For every 4 charges the sword has, another pearl in its hilt becomes black in color until all are black denoting that the sword is fully charged.

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Comments ( 15 )
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September 20, 2004, 22:45
Thanks but no thanks.
Could you translate from D&D for us? What does Dimension Door do? What is Wraith Form? What is a CR?
Story's okay, I guess, no complaints there, 'cept that it's just a wizard-made blade.
So-so, overall, so I vote...

Barbarian Horde
September 21, 2004, 21:41
Hmmm... Myth Drannor...
I used to love that place. The Elven Court, Myth Drannor, the Moonsea, Hillsfar... Ahhh, old memories visit me again.

The item:
T'is a typical D&D powerful item on par with the staff of the magi and the vorpal weapon.

Keep the story and drop the statistics. Explain its powers in plain english. And... it might be a bit overpowered ;)

But if you have a group of powergamers, they will probably be thrilled... It all boils down to who's your audience.
Barbarian Horde
September 22, 2004, 13:36
Actually it is not a wizard made blade. Per the story it was made by and Elven Knight and a Mage. As for the D&D lingo, it is there for anyone that needs it if they'd like to use the item for a character in a D&D Campaign. Example spells are just that and up to DM discretion so no sense explaining.

"After one such conversation they decided to work together on something that could turn the tide against such creatures and Shadows Curse was her name."

The item is powerful but only gains its benefit through slaying incorporeal creatures. Charges used can only be replenished through the wielder slaying (delivering the killing blow) to an incorporeal creature. Essentially the player character in my campaign that has this blade uses the abilities sparingly mainly because there aren't incorporeals floating around everwhere for the purposes of recharging.

But thanks for the feedback.
September 22, 2004, 18:19
Just because an elven knight helped doesn't mean a wizard didn't make it. Pay attention to your own story.
Ancient Gamer
September 23, 2004, 1:07
Heh, that was a thanks, but no thanks =)

Perhaps we should all post statistics from our chosen systems?
It would be perfect chaos!

I will translate the spells for you:
Dimension Door: This spell creates a shimmering door that will transport you to another location in the vicinity.
Wraith Form: This spell transforms the caster temporarily into a gaseous cloud. Beware the wind...
Summon Shadow: This spell summons one of the undead, a shadow, to fight for the wielder of the blade.

Hmmmm... I do not miss D&D spells...
September 23, 2004, 16:19
Later all. Don't need this when may interest was to share my creations/interests for the benefit of others.


I wrote the story and it hints to the fact that the main characters worked together on the item. Did you fail reading comprehension in grade school? Must I spell it out for you? Who do you think you are anyway? What great works have you written that make you the authority? Perhaps you should keep you opinions to yourself unless they are "helpful" to others.

Later and enjoy your role as postnazi.
September 23, 2004, 21:02
Though I will admit that the captain does do things a little harshly, critisism is the best way for someone to improve themselves. And to get no critisism from Captainpenguin is a difficult task indeed - its practically his mission to seek out any little thing that is wrong with it and bicker on it ;)

So this is what I say
To the Captain: A little construction in that critisism would help keep members around :P

To M0s0g: Dont take the captains ramblings to heart, and understand that not everyone posts a perfect post every time. Learn from this and move on, experiment with new posts. This site is here for information and entertainment, so have fun with it.
September 23, 2004, 23:04
Well! What an interesting response! I don't think I've ever garnered such passion before.
Didn't mean to, I swear.
I don't understand why he's so angry with me. It got a 3/5. That's average. That's fine. I've gotten plenty of 3/5s before, and probably just as many 2/5s.
Oh well. To each his own.
September 24, 2004, 13:50
Perhaps I got a little carried away, bad day but I was a bit ticked by Captain's response. Here was someone telling me what my item background meant. I could have put up the full 4 page write-up but felt the one page explained everything necessary. When I tried to point out the key line that suggested the key people who created the item I was essentially told I don't know my own story. Well, that came off like a slap in the face which is something I don't take lightly especially when I am already at my boiling point due to other variables. I have no objection to criticism of my work and appreciate views that help me improve upon my stuff, however, I do take offense to someone degrading my efforts and over exerting their opinion as fact. This was not a situation where Captain knew the material so for him to say I don't know my own story was like someone tell Salvatore (who has far more ability then myself in story telling) that he has Drizzt all wrong.

Just my final thoughts on the matter.
September 24, 2004, 21:56
I wasn't telling you what your story was- I was reading your story, and telling you something about it that I didn't like, which is that it was magicked up. Why could it not be something more mythical? How did the knight and wizard collaborate?

Ah, whatever. It doesn't matter anyway- you think your right, I think I'm right, and nothing that can be said will now fix it.
September 25, 2004, 8:15
I wonder why it was deleted?
September 25, 2004, 14:49
He asked for it to be.
September 27, 2004, 3:12
I guess dear mOsOg was over-reacting ... some of my posts I thought earth-shattering and great recieved 3s and so on ... yes, I was not happy, but then, by posting an item here, I subject it to the judgment of others, whatever it may be
September 27, 2004, 7:58
As Echo said, sometimes we bring an idea to bear, one that we have nurtured and see with the blind eye of a mother and her favored child. This is the grandest idea, it is unique and original, and oh so wonderful. You should all be inspired by my creativity, and fawn praise upon me for my excellence. (Yes, I am guilty of this)

Then we get our teeth kicked in. Blah, boring, not bad but it has flaws, negative comments, mediocre to low scores. The first reaction is anger, how dare they disrespect my creation! Ingrates, blind to my talent! Some people terminate accounts, or just vanish, never posting again. Others realize that there is ALWAYS room to grow, always room to improve.

I have had my teeth rattled (Amulet of Moloch, The Kitjan, and the deleted Boerog (ranked a 1.6)) and I didnt like it. Did I get mad? You bet I did. Did I throw a tantrum, and storm off? No, not really. I came back and learned from my mistakes, and try to do better on the next time around.

Barbarian Horde
January 7, 2005, 16:02
I see that you have reformatted the weapons effects and the tale m0s0g. Well, I think your efforts paid off. There is one thing I would like to comment, and that occured during the fight. Kelendul fought the wraiths, these are your words:

"Calling upon his sword he swung again but missed. So to did his opponent. This went on for several minutes until he defeated the creature"

Did you get tired of describing the situation? It seems like you like Salvatore (from your comments). Would you like if Drizzt "defeated his enemies after a several minute long combat", or would you like the whole drama?

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