1-Knight of the Long Knives 

When he fights for real, as opposed to jousting in tournaments, he arms himself with two incredibly long balisong knives the size of lances, and is an incredibly good fighter with them, able to use them to cut through the joints in the armour of rival knights.

2-Knight of Horror 

A necromancer and a Master of the Dark Arts, this knight is able to raise those he has killed and send them as fast moving zombies against his foes. He chose the side of Evil a long time ago and cannot be reasoned with.

3-Long Knight of the Soul

Over seven feet tall, this knight joined one of the Holy Orders a long time ago and  took oaths of poverty, chastity and obedience to the Master of his Order. He spends his time fighting infidels on the country’s frontiers.

4-Hard Day’s Knight

He spends his days in the trenches outside the castle “fighting like a dog” but because of this he is excused having to do duty at night and allowed to sleep then except in the most dire emergencies. Not for him the Knight Watch.

5-Knight School 

He is in charge of teaching the young male noble children how to read and write and when they get a bit older , how to fight well, as well as all the knightly virtues and how to act towards women of their own class.

6-Knight Time

In a war torn, besieged city where the loyalty of many of the civilians is uncertain, after sunset he is in charge of enforcing Knight Time, when until sunrise only knights may walk in the streets, and those civilians caught breaking the curfew are cut down.

7-Magical Knight 

It is very rare for a knight to know magic, but this one knows all sorts of combat magic and healing magic too and is a powerful and potent sorcerer in his own right, and is not a knight that you want as a foe.

8-Wonderful Knight 

A paragon of knightly virtue, this knight would never dream of putting a damsel into distress or breaking an oath or the rules of civilised warfare, and many of his fellow knights dislike him because they look bad compared to him.

9-Endless Knight 

After he was caught in a serious act of treachery to his lord, this knight was forced to don a suit of Black Iron Armour and sent to guard a far away pass until the end of time, being cursed with immortality so he could suffer forever.

10-Stormy Knight 

Since his lady love was murdered by another knight the Stormy Knight has been constantly in a rage, and his servants are terrified of him. In battle he fights to the death and refuses to surrender, as he wants to die to be with her again.

11-Crystal Knight 

The armour that the Crystal Knight wears is made of carefully carved and enchanted rock Crystal that glows in the dark and is a lot stronger than it looks. His sword is likewise an enchanted crystal weapon.

12-Knight of Passion 

The Knight of Passion keeps on having affairs with women of all social classes, leaving some of them pregnant and being incredibly good at lovemaking, caring about the sexual pleasure of the women as much as his own.

13-Heavenly Knight 

Another knight who fights for an order of holy monk-knights, this knight has an impeccable reputation and only fights against infidels and bandits, rather then in the secular wars of the world.

14-Musical Knight 

This knight fancies himself to be a troubadour and when not in battle or at the joust spends a lot of time composing songs of varying types and quality. Not all of them are that good and one of them is likely to get him into a duel with another knight.

15-The Knight is Young

This knight is only seven years old, far too young to be a knight, but his father is the King, and he knighted his young son and gave him a miniature sword and suit of armour at great expense for him to play at being a knight in.

16-A Sorry Knight 

Captured when attempting to desert his lord in battle this knight is very sorry indeed as he knows that not only will he forfeit his knighthood but his fate is very likely to be either blinding or being beheaded by the public executioner.

17-Knight the bullet 

Not for this knight the traditional weapons of the lance and the knightly sword in battle, as he prefers to use the newfangled musket and pistols. Though slow to reload, these can at close range penetrate the strongest hardest knightly armours, and he is convinced that they are the weapons of the future. Many of his fellow knights think him to be unsporting.

18-Bonfire Knight 

This knight is feared and hated because of his practice of tying his captured enemies to stakes and burning them alive rather then ransoming them, even though this loses him a great deal of ransom money.

19-World Heritage Knight

This knight is in charge of the Books of Knightly Heritage that record every knight and legal Knightly Order and their heraldry which is used to tell them apart when their helmets are on. No knight or knightly Order may use the symbols of another, and new heraldic symbols must be allowed by him.

20-Devil’s Knight 

Another knight who turned to the path of Evil, this knight sold his soul to a demon in exchange for good health, and as long as he serves the demon, it will not come for and eat his soul. He is incredibly cruel and nasty, particularly to members of the clergy.

21-Shock Knight 

Always in the front line of any battle and seemingly fearless, this brave knight is likely to receive either his country’s equivalent of the Medal of Honour, or an early death and a space in an ornate tomb a lot sooner then he was expecting.

22-Telescopic Knight 

This knight fights with what seems to be a two foot long mace that suddenly expands to six feet long with a flick of his wrist and catches unwitting foes by surprise. It packs a very nasty punch.

23-Cell Knight 

This knight is in charge of the King’s Dungeon where various malefactors are locked up awaiting questioning or trial, and he is not above torture when he is ordered to mete it out on the luckless prisoners.

24-In Plain Knight 

On his way back from a Holy Crusade, a King has decided to disguise himself as an average knight to escape from those who would capture him and ransom him for a great deal of money.

25-Knight Gallery 

Normally this knight is just a life size painting of one but if the great hall that he is in is burgled, he emerges from the painting with a sword that although it is made of canvas like the rest of him, is enchanted to cut and parry like a normal knightly sword.

26-Spider Knight 

The driders have their own knightly Orders as well, brave warriors who swear sacred Oaths to protect the Rifts from those humans who would dare to penetrate them in search of treasure or conquest, and they have eight legs rather than two and the ability to spit sticky web at their foes.

27-Ratings Knight 

The Ratings Knight is unpopular with his fellow knights because he continually make comments about how good or not they are in battle or at the joust and is not afraid to point out their shortcomings in public.

28-Backup Knight

The Backup Knight is always held in reserve in battle, to be let loose when the battle is on the verge of victory or defeat for one side. Some think him cowardly because of this, but in battle they are always glad to see him and his fellow knights of the reserve fully committed to the fray.

29-Ladies Knight

The Lady’s Knight is a Casanova of the knightly world, constantly having affairs with every noble lady, and some non-noble ladies, that he can successfully seduce. In a sexist world he treats them as equal and they love him for that. Sooner or later he is likely to be caught and slain by an outraged husband.

30-Leather Knight

Instead of wearing heavy plate armour, the Leather knight wears a suit of boiled-leather instead, which is lighter and easier to wear, and makes him faster in battle and more able to dodge his foe’s sword-thrusts.

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