Category: Magical Construct
Danger rating: Variable (ThreatOverpowering)
Activity Period: Any
Restrictions: Ones based on the nature of the construct, see below
Description: A scroll golem is a variable sized construct that looks exactly like what you'd think: a collection of magical scrolls twisted and connected into the shape of a humanoid creature. Due to being made of scroll materials (paper, hides, ect), the golem is exceptionally lightweight and physically fragile, but even so, weapons for the most part do no real damage to it. Piercing weapons such as swords and arrows do some damage, but maces and other weapons like that are almost completely useless. The only true weaknesses it has involve fire and other elements which do lovely things to paper.

The scroll golem is the result of a certain unknown sorcerer who decided that creating an independent magical monster to use as his pawn would make his job so much safer and easier. Much to his chagrin, things didn't quite work out as well as he had hoped, and so his days of sorcery were cut short. After going over its masters notes, the creature figured out how to do many things, including reproducing itself. Now there are an indeterminate number of scroll golems, each with a varying set of scrolls it has absorbed and can use.

Credits: I originally got the idea for this creature from:

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