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January 19, 2007, 7:05 pm

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Schaak is a well built peddler that always seems to have just what is needed at the moment. He is a high powered mage that has given up adventuring and much magic for a more medial, yet rewarding existance.

Special Equipment:
Enclosed wagon with two sturdy horses. Inside the wagon is any number of things, valuable and otherwise.

Schaak’s older age is shown by his white hair and mustache and wrinkled, weather worn skin. He just short of 6 feet tall and is well built although oversized clothes he wears slighty cover it. He is constantly having to pull up his sleeves to get to things and seems generally clumsy in whatever task he is undertaking. Matching his clumsiness is his generally befuddled attitude. He has a great memory except it may not come to him in the moment of his need so he does a lot of “um” and “er"ing.

Schaak was an adventuring wizard thata was never satisfied with sitting in one place but never really enjoyed the actual adventure. His favorite was bartering for a good price for the parties newly found items. Many years ago he stumbled upon the hidden wealth of a lost city and he found this as his opportunity to get away from the whole adventuring business.

Saying goodbye to his old friends he bought a wagon and horse and tried his luck at peddling odd items. He quickly found he enjoyed this lifestyle immensly and found great joy in having odd items that people needed.

He mostly travels alone. He may be a peddler but he still has the magic of his adventuring days and he knows how to use it very well.

Often enought their will be other adventurers traveling with him for the company as well as his knowledge of hidden paths between cities. While a wizard he discovered magical paths of power that connect cities. By simply taking these paths exactly as required, the power of the path can drastically shorten a journey by days or weeks.

Roleplaying Notes:
1) Being a wizard, he generally still has the opportunity to gain many rare and valuable items.

2) He may be in need of an item that is beyond his means. Since adventuring is not his joy he will not hesitate to hire another group to search our or find an item that he requires.

3) Characters could meet him on a road a buy a few things from him. Weeks later in the opposite direction, different part of the land, perhaps in a town on the otherside of a difficult to travel mountain the characters meet him again. It should be somewhere that is impossible for a peddler with a large wagon to get to under normal circumstances. May get them suspicious about his mode of travel and what else this peddler is about.

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Comments ( 4 )
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November 5, 2002, 1:20
Having a monopoly on a faster, safer way to travel, I don't imagine he would be very forthcoming about how he's doing what he's doing. "Oh, I just get up in the morning and go whichever way my nose is pointing." He could act as a sort of specalized guide at times, if need or possibly reward were great enough.
January 10, 2005, 11:00
The magical pathways is a plot all on their own.

Would this cart be heavly loaded with items all over or are the neatly packed away in trunks? If this person is seen quite often pulling large objects out of small containers, there just might be some other wizard out there trying to find out how this peddeler is traveling about the lands selling so quickely of just wanting to see what is inside all them trunks.
Voted valadaar
January 26, 2007, 12:01
I like this old fellow. Post is a little rough in places but is still good and useful.
Voted Moonlake
June 22, 2013, 21:01
An innocuous encounter with this NPC has the potential to turn into side-quests or even sth bigger. A simple and good utility sub this is.


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