Ardon Saltbeard was a bit if an anomaly among dwarves. He loved to sail the seas visiting exotic ports of call. Starting as merchant captain, he gained a reputation for his seamanship and fighting skills.

Later he was hired by a merchant consortium as a pirate hunter. He fierce reputation only grew. His courage and skill were unrivaled.

He was most known for the magical axe that bears his name.

Originally Saltbeards Axe was a +3 flaming hand axe.

He was so good the pirates blackmailed his trusted first mate to betray him. With his help, Ardon was lured into an ambush. He took three of his attackers with him, but in the end he was killed. This betrayal subtly changed his axe.


This is an unadorned but very well crafted +3 flaming handaxe. Because of Saltbeard’s betrayal it also gives its weilder a +3 on sense motive checks. However the axe also makes its weilder very paranoid. They will use sense motive on almost everyone they meet including friends and family members. If the weilder fails the check they will be convinced that the person they failed the check against wants to assassinate them.

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