Approached by a soldier, you learn that an important Kings servant wants you to speak. Little can be told about him, except of the fact he wears a Ruby Ring, a token of Kings favour. The meeting is in the barracks in the open, with numerous soldiers training in sight but out of earshot.

The charismatic man they shall talk is dressed fine, if conservatively and really has a Ruby Ring. Speaks seriously about a serious situation, but diplomatically gives as few details as possible.

The things they are told:
- minor borderland tensions with a certain country has been recorded, probably testing the defenses
- major espionage activity, also from mentioned country
- great weapon-works were put in action there
- spies hint at preparations to war!

Things they may learn themselves:
- the person they speak looks to be a diplomat or spy, is most probably both
- both kingdoms have a history of border wars, if currently in peace

Things they will not learn:
- his exact rank or position (I serve the Kingdom!), will avoid this very carefully
- even his name - Procca - unless they ask
- nothing about spies of their own nation, nor nothing of other value, should they be captured
- why was the Ruby Ring granted to him he does not tell, but is very proud of it

The mission:
Reach the great weapon works near the Haunted Pass, find as much as possible about it, infiltrate and sabotage it. The works are heavily guarded, so be careful. Promised are clothes etc. to blend into the crowd, money to cover their travelling expenses and a generous reward afterwards.

This adventure is a good follow-up after Sabotage, or similar dirty job. Should they refuse such a dangerous proposal, Procca tries to appeal to their sense, duty to kingdom etc.

You are very well suited for this task, you were once succesful, so...
If they don't get it, Procca will get a bit more to the point:
Chances are the saboteurs are highly sought after. If he marks them as such, evidence will be quickly found. Even as a diplomat behind the table, he has a few hundred soldiers at hand, so you should decide quickly.

Upon return they receive the reward and must swear, once more, to not tell anyone anything. May be later contacted
again by this or other Kings agent.

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