Staff of Doubled Existence

This pair of hefty metal staves is typically sold as a set, but as treasure one part might be missing. They come in a polished oak box with a red velvet interior. The rods themselves each appear as a foot long brass cylinder, about three inches thick, with what appears to be a twistable grip in the middle. Each stave has a small, marble-like, orb of colored stone at both ends. One of the rods is tipped with red stone, the other blue.

When the grip is twisted, the rod's end caps will extend three feet on each side, creating a roughly seven-foot-long pole. If both rods are within twenty-feet of each other and extended: They will snap into an upright position for a moment, before perfectly mirroring the other's movements. They will float in the air, until one is grasped; and at that point the one grasped becomes easily moveable. While the other begins to mimic the movement of the held staff.


Staff start (Both extended and within twenty feet) - Move to ten feet apart, floating in air three feet off the ground.

Grasp one staff - Staff is moveable as a well-weighted fighting stick, and opposite staff mirrors movement.

Direction clarifications - If you were to hold onto the staff and move back five feet from the beginning point, the other staff would also move back, in the opposite direction that you moved. If you move your staff to the left, the other staff will also go to your left.

Devjuha the Dual

The Mirrored Wand is the feared fighting tool of the villain Devjuha the Dual, a dark sorcerer well trained in the art of staff fighting. He uses this item as a weapon to engage foes without approaching them. His mastery of repulsion and attraction magic make him a feared foe.

His current whereabouts are unknown, but it is said that he is growing old and wishes to pass on the secrets of his fighting style.