Reingold's cloak is no longer quite as dangerous as it once was, time and minor battle damage have made sure of that.It is made of scarlet felt lined with ermine fur, a cloak that still looks fit for a King or Queen.It heals any wounds on someone who wears it except for the very biggest or those taken in the heat of battle-if the person survives, within an hour his/her wounds will be healed, as long as he/she continues wearing the cloak.

Diseases and blindness are healed but ONLY whilst the cloak is worn.The wearer will be very reluctant to take the cloak off-the benifits of it coupled with a spell of Reingold's make wearing it for any length of time addictive.

The big problem with the cloak is,whilst it helps it's owner,it does so by feeding off the life force of his/her fellow adventures and all those who come too close.In a big city it will feed on NPC carecters rather then fellow adventurers but this could lead to the adventurers being arrested by the city guards on murder charges or charges of casting harmful spells.On a prarie when they are alone it feeds on the adventurers.If there is nobody to feed on, the cloak will provide no benifits and feed on it's owner instead, using magic to mask the ill-effects until the owner dies.
Plot hooks...

The PC's are asked to take the cloak to a lord by another one,and paid for it, but they are not told just what cloak they are carrying.They have to travel through very cold icy conditions and need all the warm clothes they have...

The PC's find a dead body/skeliton wrapped in the wonderful-looking cloak

The PC's find an NPC wearing the cloak-all the NPC's companions have died and he/she has no idea why.The NPC wants to travel with them for safety.

In the main market of a huge city, teeming with people, the PC's find the cloak for sale.

Magical Properties:

Reingold's cloak is no longer quite as dangerous as it once was, time and minor battle damage have made sure of that.Only the very old, babies and the very weak are killed within an hour.But long-term exposure for long enough can still lead to severe sickness or even death for those close to the wearer of the cloak.

It heals the wearer by stealing the life force of all those around the wearer.A sort of magical pyramid scheme as far as life force is concearned.Only if the owner is alone with the cloak,will it feed on the person who wears it.

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