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July 21, 2018, 11:24 am

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Reincarnation (The Golden City)


How this cursed blessing works and it's full ramirications.

The advanced reincarnation of the setting came about 1100 tears ago. a long forgotten mage/cleric discovered the secret. She bent the laws of space/time with a spell that was both arcane and holy. The spell created 2 more spells

The first was a 4th order spell that duplicated the reincarnation spell of the 7th order. It had no drawbacks, it just worked, additionally it enabled you to call exact people back. So the World War was fought by mighty heroes summoned from the past. This overwhelmed evil by a large margin and thus the World War was a complete victory. The second order spell enabled a random reincarnation (much as the old 7th order had done) The Clerics of that age suspected that it had severe draw backs but could not put their fingers on how it was flawed. And flawed it was..

The flaw was insidious. Use of the spell broke down the space / time and created a super thin barrier stretched across time and space that was easily breached. In recent years the second order spell became more and more powerful till it now functions like the 4th order spell used to. It is extremely common for clerics to summon accountants , courtesans, jesters, and the like, anything to make their life cushy and comfortable. As there were no threats to civilization, no need of summoning soldiers from the past.

This brings us up to today. The 2nd order will create breeches that are permanently open and things can flood in,. The breeches are forming miles and miles away from where the spell is cast, and bad things are starting to come through. Now when an advanced and mighty person is called and the spell fails, the breech opens immediately and local.It's use has beenn stopped but the damage has been done.

One final note, the living or dead person that is subject to the spell, forms an empathic bond w/ the new person drawn through. The relation ship is symbiotic, for now........

the game starts at the casting of a specific summons that creates quite a breeh........

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