The Ravenfeather Cloak was created by druids in order to amplify the natural magic of taking on a beast's shape. Many such mantles and cloaks were made for the purpose of training and developing one's abilities.

The Druids commonly use such cloaks for messengers and sometimes in spying on their enemies.


The cloak allows the wearer to transform into a Raven, allowing them to fly and travel with great ease. The Cloak also grants the wearer the ability to understand and speak with birds, as interesting as it might seem, birds are simple creatures and they are unlikely to share anything useful.

The Ravenfeather Cloak allows more versatility in combat, though, giving one the ability to swiftly engage or disengage.

The wearer is smaller in Raven form, allowing them to fit through smaller spaces.


In Raven form, you may be seen as prey by larger predatory birds. Or as a hunter's target.

The wearer will not have access to their equipment in Raven form, but may pick up objects and carry them in their talons.

Any armor worn will be negated except for magical auras.

Uses & Scenarios

Broken Wing - A Druid messenger is attacked while on their way to deliver an important message. The heroes see an arrow take down a Raven near their camp, should they investigate, they find a wounded man with an arrow in his shoulder wearing a black feather cloak.

Druidic Reverie - The Druids have gathered in the wildlands for a great festival, featuring many contests of might and cunning. A prize is offerred to the most successful team; A Ravenfeather Cloak.

A Gift - A group of heroes has helped to save a great forest. The Druids thank them with a gift.

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