This is set in my world setting of Hewdamia.

Located southeast of the Striver Forest near the borderlands of the Hills of Bone, the ruins of Rath ley Mar stand crumbling as a testament of older and forgotten times. This once large and fabulous city stood as a pinnacle of early settlement and progression. It was around the year of 1560AW when the War of the Gods raged on above. The city was populated by ever race known at the time and everyone was accepted and welcome in this bastion of help. The city was made from marble and quartz and every other precious stone and metal. Gold and silver lined the streets to denote the passing of wagons and the direction they would go in on the streets. The buildings were always clean and in repair, reaching up to fifty to eighty stories in height before stopping. Everything was in its place in the Library City of Tasgall.

Tasgall was founded by scholars and mages to extend knowledge and keep records of everything so it was not lost into the forgotten dust of the ages. Different sections of the city were devoted to specific information. An entire block was devoted to medical knowledge of the time. Eight blocks were for the sole purpose of keeping knowledge on items of power and their construction. Everything could be found in the city. It is also said that there was a complete document that contained every birth in the region and kept names and information on each mage, priest, and even criminals. It was even rumored that there were texts written by the Gods themselves about history or information on the skies above. This wonderful achievement would all change and forever be lost to the world.

During the time when the Gods warred overhead, the city opened up its gates to the people to protect them from harm. The fires that beat down on the world below the Gods broke on the walls of Tasgall doing no more damage than a child would to a mountain. Then things began to change. Certain people who were allowed into the city began preaching that the Gods were mad at the mortals for their lack of praying and appeasement to the Gods. While others were saying that with the help of the mages, the Gods could be forced out of their seats of power and be replaced by those worthy and strong enough to hold it. Fighting in the city began soon after and both of these factions began tearing the city down from the inside. For two decades, the fighting in the city continued until those who wanted to unseat the Gods of their power won the conflict. With new followers, and a semi ruined city behind them, they unleashed their powers at the Gods above hoping to take their place when the Gods fell.

Sethalis had been watching this since it had begun and grew worried. He soon removed himself from the infighting of the Gods to move from harms way from the determined mortals below him. He had seen what they did to their city and the power made him ponder. Using his guile he was able to unit the Gods in one single stroke to smite the mortals below them. The Gods assaulted the city and destroyed most of the people in one fell swoop. The others who survived were scattered never to return to Tasgall again.

The city has lain in ruins ever since. Every now and then a would be scavenger tries to go treasure hunting in the city never to return. Rumors of creatures and spirits haunting the city have circulated for years until now, no one is willing to travel near it for fear of the unknown. But the knowledge of the Library City is rumored to still remain in the ruin.

The city is guarded by the souls of the foolish that fought the Gods and tried to supplant them for power. They are very determined and do not take kindly to any intruders.

While the ruins themself are ominous as they sit, blanketed with mist and fog, it is what lies beneath them that is most disconcerting.

During the destruction of Tasgall the Gods still fought. When the ashes settled from the destruction of the mortal shell and the Gods, the world had changed. Gods went missing or died, others were supplanted for the stronger and more cunning. One such God that was thought to have died merely fled his own destruction. He sought haven in the crumbled city as it fell below the surface and fled the thoughts of men. The centuries passed and he still heals his wounds, plotting and scheming wanting to regain his position of power and remove those who he sees now as the leaders of his reason for escape.

A small contingent of demons have take residence with this lost god and work at gaining their strength and power to one day strike at the Gods above and supplant the rulers of old.

Present Day
Deep beneath the crumbled ruined city is a secret. A dark secret that was never found during the reign of Tasgall. A Demon Gate rests in waiting for the right time to be openned. Before Caedmon fell to the powers of the Gods, one of the places he had a Demon gate built was under the fabled city of Tasgall.

How perfect would it be for the place of knowledge and enlightenment be a conduit for the destruction of mortals? That was his intended plan. His unforseeable demise put that plan on hold. However, his followers are still loyal to this day.

Being led by a Demon that has been able to slip through the seems in the gates, they gather their sources and try to gain the key to access the gate to open it. This is all going on under the noses of those ignorant of the ruins and it’s secret.

There are currently a small force of followers ranging from slaves to priests added in the fact that there are two demons leading them to their intended goal. All in all fifty to sixty people inhabit the ruins and the sunken temple that holds the gates.

Plot Hooks
The players are forced to find shelter during a torrential storm. The only shelter that can be located is a set of ruins. What they don’t know is the ruins don’t like visitors.

The players have been commissioned to enter the ruins and determine if there is anything of worth in the city. Rumors still circulate about the vast library that the old city once held.

A rich or nobleman’s daughter has been kidnapped by a local guild and has been tracked down into the ruins. The players are hired, or ordered, into the ruins to rescue her at all costs.

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