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October 30, 2006, 2:24 pm

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Ranisha Mikacado


Ranisha was born into a village but was abused.. She is shy and tends to stay away from people, but when around she is very humble and kind to them. Yet.. There is a secret about her.

Special Equipment:

Ranisha has a silver emplatted handle with a long sword almost reaching to her size. On the edge of the sword some weird writing it enscripted. On the handle a symbol of Dragon holding a sword with two abnormal wings showing out from it.


The body that looks as of an 14-18 year old girls , but the true age of one that’s 243.

The day Ranisha was born from her rare kind she was strong already, even at that more powerful then her mother.

Ranisha has white hair that reaches to her very lower back. Many styles can be used with this hair but she usually keeps it down and rarely puts it in a bun.

Her eyes are ice blue, as that of a Sacred Dragon.

For strength Ranisha is top rank though she rarely shows her true powers around others, only the ones whom she trust may they see the true powers within her.

On the upper of Ranisha black two long dark purple scars reach down about a foot. No one knows where she got those scars and how she can use them.

Humble and Kind towards others, Ranisha was born into a wealthy family but doesn’t show not as she was abused as a child by a care taker.

She wears a top of a man’s white tunic, and long pants down to her boots.


From the day she was born the light of the new world had changed. 

Her ice blue eyes scanned the area at the time her white hair fell gently across her head.  Two dark purple scars were amongst her upper back, in which her caretakers would later scold her for.  The child’s mother was known as Lilith Mikacado; the name stayed with the child.  The mother was called a demon not even close to being a “Dark Angel” in which she was.  Lilith was forced out of the area because of her overwhelming power. She fought with anger to go back to her child but there were to many Sorcerers for her to handle; the child had been left in that horrible village leaving Lilith crying on her journey away.

From that day Lilith had named the child Ranisha but her caretakers called her Rain.  Ranisha, the name she remembered since the day the now 18-year-old girl was born. 

Ranisha’s caretakers thought of her as nothing but a nuisance, a mistake in being born.  She would give them cold glares in which they would whip her for.  Ranisha ignored the pain and went on with life, in the cruel village in which she was in.

Scolded for most things she did Ranisha would wanderer away from the village, far into some empty grasslands in which she was taught many things by a hooded boy, Kreuger. 

“Kreuger?” she said in a quiet voice. “Kreuger are you out there?”

Not a reply was heard and Ranisha looked to the ground sadly, for Kreuger was her only friend.

Suddenly a voice was heard from behind her, her eyes gazed to the side.

“Tsukemoro is not here.” a chuckle.

Ranisha stood facing the way she was in and answered the voice.

“Then where is he?” she said softly closing her eyes.

“Oh, that’s not for you to know.” replied the voice.

“If you don’t tell me you may end up without fingers to grip a weapon anymore.”

“Such brave words for a woman.”

“Heh…, said the angered voice of Ranisha. “ I am the daughter of Lilith Mikacado and wield powers far beyond your kin.”

“You don’t have to tell me, Ranisha.  I know well who you are.”

With a swift movement Ranisha grabbed the hilt of her sword and whipped in an inch in front of the mans face, whom she saw now was hooded and just a boy about her age.  The boy did not move he just smiled a bit, moving his hand to her sword and pushing it away.

“I mean no harm to you nor Kreuger. I am here to tell you that he has been captured and taken to a place far beyond here,” murmured the boy. “My name is Tamoshi Himeron.”

Ranisha’s eyes widened and she put her sword into its shealth. “Kreuger, captured? But how… No.. I must save him.” thought Ranisha. Ranisha looked back to Tamoshi.

“Tamoshi, will you help me save him?”

“Sure I will.” Tamoshi said smiling.

With this the two became allies and begun their journey to rescue Ranisha’s dearest friend, Kreuger.


The two walked along through the forests as the sky darkened.  Suddenly some light came gliding through the forests.  People yelling. Ranisha turned around.

“Shit.” she murmured.

“Villagers,” said Tamoshi. “Wait for them.”



~ ~ ~

“That damned girl, Ranisha.  I’ll beat her once I get her back home.” replied the woman caretaker of Ranisha.

The people ran and eventually caught up with Ranisha and Tamoshi.  They all stopped and glared at them both.

“..Yuki..” snarled one of the villagers.

Ranisha looked to Tamoshi.

“What?” she said.

“Not now.” said Tamoshi smirking unsheathing his sword.

“If you think you can defeat the sorcerers that Lilithe couldn’t even beat.. then you have no chance Yuki.” snarled Fra’Daime the leader of the village sorcerers.

“Don’t worry.  I will.”  Said Tamoshi smirking.

A villager ran towards Ranisha with a small katana and extended it towards her chest.  Ranisha gasped a bit, but not only to see a swift movement of a bright sword whip the katana away.  As Tamoshi did this he smiled at Ranisha in the process so quickly.  Ranisha fell down to her knees watching as some of the villagers fall down to the ground dead.

“That bastard!” yelled Fra’Daime.

The majority of the villagers came running after the two.  With ease Tamoshi grabbed Ranisha and dodged all the weapons coming towards them killing off the villagers and sorcerers.  The torches fell to the ground, the kindling roaring up a huge flame spreading across the forest floor blocking the remaining villagers and sorcerers from coming near them.

Tamoshi whistled and a black horse ran towards them turning to the side still running as Seth grabbed up onto the horse’s mane and pulled both himself and Ranisha up.  As they were riding away into the darkness a glowing arrow shot Seth right through the inner shoulder from a serious well-trained sorcerer. Tamoshi smiled gripping Ranisha’s waist as he fell unconscious.  They two rode through the night not being disturbed any further.

~ ~ ~

As morning arose Tamoshi woke up.  His top clothing missing with a bandage around the inner shoulder.  He made an attempt to move but the pain rushed up to his shoulder causing immense pain.  He shifted his eyes and in the background came Ranisha coming towards him with a small wooden bowl.

“Don’t try to move Tamoshi..  The arrow was filled with the poisonous of the Divine Dragon.  Which is nearly impossible to revive a person from for the poison is fatal to anyone.  So don’t move or you’ll die quicker.” said Ranisha.

“Why do you care.” mumbled Seth.

“Because.. you helped me last night.” said Ranisha a smile forming. “Stand still this’ll hurt.”

Ranisha unwrapped the bandage from his inner shoulder.

“What are you going to do..” said Seth.

“Suck the poison from your body.  If I don’t you’ll die.”



“My true name isn’t Tamoshi..  It’s Yuki Himeron.”

“I see.. well enough of your name. Shut up and stay still.”

Yuki nodded.

“If I can get the source of the poison it’ll be easy to retract the rest.”

She leaned forward against his shoulder and retracted some of his blood and spit it out.  She did it once more, spit the rest of the blood out and held something between her teeth. She took it out of her mouth and held it in front of Yuki. 

“The source.” she said smiling.

She held it towards the wound of Yuki and the rest of the poison retracted into the small beady source.  Ranisha put it in a small container located in her cloak, which she took off. 

“This might come in handy.”

Yuki rotated his shoulder and sat up against the tree, which he was leaning against.

“Thanks.” said Yuki coughing a bit.

Ranisha smiled.

The ground started shaking and Ranisha looked up. A herd of demons nested by the Divine Dragon rushed towards them. Yuki pushed Ranisha up.


The two started running but got split up on the way. Ranisha wandered far into a forest as a pack of wolves started towards her.

Roleplaying Notes:

Ranisha Mikacado can use serious powerful spells and other uses. She has inheritted these powers from those relatives before her.

White Majic

Heal: Ranisha if she gets smalls cuts not all that deep she can heal them with this power.

Revive: If one of her comrades fall she can use this once a week as far as it’s told.

Haste: Ranisha is already fast but if she concentrates she can go even faster.

Spare Fog: A blue smog that surrounds the area allowing Ranisha to escape from Enemies.

Black Majic:

Fire: She can make a strict fire emerge from her powers from beyond what we know.

Water: She can create a water essence from her powers from beyond what we know.

Ice: She can ice you down as a protection.

Lightning: At some will she can create lightning to form.

Lyrisc: A poisonious purple smoke that if it gets in a cut or your mouth you may be in trouble.

Small Info

She is a Fallen Angel, amoung the rarest of kinds.

A Simple Fallen Angle Poem I created:

Fallen Angels
Dark and Light
Surround you
With all Their Might
Nothing will stop them
Not even one God
All will Fall
Except this One

- Ranisha Mikacado

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Comments ( 10 )
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February 5, 2004, 3:18
Well fleshed out. It takes a cliches and presents it in a new way that a GM can dig into and use.
Ranisha Mikacado
February 5, 2004, 21:38
"Heh. Thanks."

Felice DWynn
February 9, 2004, 19:06
"Awesome!! That is a great background, Ranisha!"
February 9, 2004, 19:19
Will you two stop writing in quotation marks? We aren't roleplaying ALL the time...
Barbarian Horde
January 27, 2005, 21:10
Ridiculously long. I really tried to follow it and still managed to get lost. Who's Seth? And why on earth would you need to know all this to use this character? It'd make a great game by Squaresoft, but I can't possible conceive of how I could use that.
January 27, 2005, 23:45
I agree with the Barbarian Horde. They aren't savages ALL the time, it seems.
January 28, 2005, 9:12
The story, if indeed it is one, is difficult to follow, and lacks a true climax. The characters should be explained better... there are great holes in their description.

'Tis a post I cannot take liking to.
May 13, 2006, 14:42
Oh, and y'know, the names "Yuki" "Ranisha" and "Kreuger" don't really all go together.
April 17, 2014, 18:43
Hmm, it really feels more like fiction than a character write up. Some good details and decent writing.
Voted valadaar
April 17, 2014, 18:43
Only voted


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