Project Radial Noise

This clandestine project was launched by the Anunnaki and the Glassenheim Foundation for the purpose of gathering genetic samples and when possible, kakugrams of people who demonstrate parapsychic ability or other exceptional abilities. The data was gathered over several decades, and spanned Radial Noise one through seven. Once the project was considered complete, it was compiled into the Radial Noise Index, a massive file containing a comprehensive amount of data about a large number of parapsychic individuals.


Radial Noise was useful in creating a matrix of genetic information about a large swath of the Human population. This allowed for the discovery of genetic hereditary disorders, tracking genetic phenotypes, and a plethora or other demographic and genetic data.

Radial Noise is not widely known, and the few people who've gotten wind of it fall squarely in the conspiracy theorist camp. If it was more commonly known it would be a source of outrage as it is a gross violation of genetic privacy, and the data gathered and the uses it has been put to are in many cases illegal or highly immortal.

The entirety of the beneugenics theory is built on data from Radial Noise and Project Infinity. This data has created a growing strata of genetic discrimination. A number of agencies have started using this in making decision about placements, hirings, and even credit ratings through the freemium economy plan.

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