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Eager to distance itself from the racist and brutalist connotations of eugenics, beneuegenics (or literally good eugenics) is the grading of the quality of a person's genetic material

What is Beneugenics?

Beneugenics is the systematic biological grading of a person's individual genetic code. This produces both a letter score and a numeric score. This is commonly known as a IV, or Individual Value.

What are the Beneugenic Scores?

S Scores are considered 'Superior' and all are deliberate and artificial in nature. Even in the most accomplished athlete, brilliant scientist, or most beautiful person, there is a massive backlog of genetic information that is functionally garbage, inheritable diseases, and remnant viral DNA.

SSS - this score is mythically rare and represents the perfect human being, a paragon of perfect genetics. This is the vaunted 100% that beneugenecists are seeking.

SS - slightly more common than the SSS grade, the SS grade genome is 95-99% quality and represents deliberate engineering, genetic screening, and so forth to produce this specimen.

S - the most common superior grade, the S specimen is 90-94% perfect.

A - at 80-89% perfect, A grade specimens are very rarely seen in nature, and are much more commonly found in second and third generation genetically screened families. They might not seem especially bright, strong, accomplished, but they will have far above average health, almost no inheritable diseases, and are slowly emerging as a superior genus of humanity. Given enough time, these A grade genomes and their support system would eventually become a new species, relegating Homo Sapiens to a more primitive position.

B - at 70-79% perfect, these specimens represent first generation genetic screenings and are increasingly common. There are cultural factions who argue that this level of genetic engineering represents creating a Human+ genus and is a clear violation of the conventions against such. This doesn't dissuade parents from having their genetics and their unborn child's genetics screened and scrubbed to remove known triggers for Cancer, diabetes, and a litany of other diseases.

C - 60-69% perfect, this represents the best of modern humanity and is present in less than 5% of the natural gene pool. These are the people who are record breaking athletes and those who set standards for what is attractive in a physical partner.

D - 50-59% perfect, the second largest segment of the gene pool, D grade represents normal baseline human.

NR - not rated, the largest segment of the gene pool. NR genomes have significant problems, such as predisposition to inheritable diseases, to actual damage to the genome itself.

NR Grades are a point of contention, as there are two major societal forces that collide at this point. One side is grading genomes and kicking many genomes out for having undesirable factors such as carrying code for autism, mental illness, physical disability ranging from cerebral palsy to blindness. The other side contests that these are not inferior or flawed, just different, and attempting to remove these differences from the gene pool is tantamount to genocide against the disabled and genetically atypical.


Beneugenics is a voluntary system, which is growing in popularity in the Cosmic Era and is acting as a sort of genetic background check. Many dating and match making services make use of the Beneugenic scale, along with personality matrices, and specified points of interest in matching potential partners.

Story Hooks

HACKED! - a hacker is going around and exposing the beneugenic scores of people who've paid to have them concealed, such as famous celebrities and politicians, revealing that many proclaimed A and S grade people are actually just C or lower who had money. Counter-point, there is a hacker who will change your grade in the system for money, meaning you can take your NR grade genetic material and be treated like an SS grade stud.

Standing Stud - people with exceptional scores can sell their genetic materials for profit. No one wants to buy common grade when there is S grade. A genetically superior PC might find themselves accosted by buyers of genetic material (need it for clone stock, for making babies for rich people, to turn into STEM cell material, the uses are extensive, for male and female material).

Genism - someone with a low or NR score might find themselves discriminated against in certain areas and functions. A phenominal athlete with a sterility gene, a brilliant scientist with ALS, an incredibly talented dancer with a gene weakness to tuberculosis, all would be NRs. Many would be treated like the CE equivalent of Quasimodo.

Personal Accessory Network - many PANs are set up to display the owners age, preferences, credit scores, and more to viewers, a citizen of the CE who had an exceptional genetic score would certainly put it on their network, showing their genetic value and viability.

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