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November 23, 2006, 9:06 pm

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Queen Emily Coloman


This bundle of beautiful sparkling delight conceals a far darker side…


With bright gold and silver pigment around her rainbow-coloured eyes, and a sparkling body that can change colour to any colour she wants, Emily is beautiful, on the outside at least. Six limbs she has, two legs with fins for feet, two arms with human-like hands, two tentacles. Her mouth contains a deadly stinger on one of her three tounges.

Her mother taught her well, she knows many forms of speech including that of humans,and is a master of grace and seduction. Like all her kind, she ultimatly cares about herself and her Clan most of all


Emily’s relitives happened to be on the High Council, and so her life was blessed from the start. When she was still young her mother came and claimed her and painstakingly taught her all the airs and graces of Surash high society, as well as how to seduce a male, when it was nesscessary to advance her lot in life.She grew to be regarded as beautiful and elegant even amongst Surash ladies and one of the most influental.Many became jealous of her but did not feel powerful enough to act against her and bided their time.Unlike many Surash, her mother even knew the human tounge and taught it to her daughter in case she ever found a use for it.

Then a disaster struck for her when her fiancee, once of the High Stewards of the Tawaguchi Clan, was taken by surprise whilst hunting in a very wild area of the ocean and torn to pieces by a rogue Dunkleoustous,a mighty thirty foot long fish with an armoured head that even the Shura were wary of. Her enimies spread the (false) rumour that she had arranged to have him murdered.In fact, whilst she did not love him, she did like him greatly, and had no reason to murder him anyway.

She was stripped of all her ranks and titles and chased out into the open oceans of Acqua, away from the safety of the great Surash cities. When she was tiring and convinced that she would be caught up with and cut down, she let the great waves of Acqua take her and cast her up on one of the beaches of Banhoesea.

Had she been one of the People of the Coral, her tail would have been badly damaged in the waves, possibly even broken, and she would have died in a pool of blood.But her flexible bones avoided damage, and although she was bruised a bit, her skin was not torn. She prayed to the Source to spare her from a slow death in the heat of the sun, for she dared not try to crawl back to the sea.Even if she got past the waves, there was a vigilante party waiting for her.

And her prayer was answered by Rear Admiral Coloman, at thity-seven years old, one of the youngest Admirals in the De Madden Company.Partly through relitives with high posts in the Company, and partly through his courage and resorcefulness and his willingness to take risks, he had rapidly risen through the ranks. He found her lying helpless on the beach and marvelled at her beauty, even though her skin was rapidly drying out.

Quickly he had his servants take her to his large salt-water swimming pool in his Banhoesea mansion and as soon as she recovered, her skin sparkled with all it’s old splendour.Thanking the Source for what her mother had told her, she was able to answer his questions and tell him who she was.Mostly she told him the truth, whilst leaving out how twisted the Surash race in fact was.

He brought her live fish to feed on and enlarged his pool for her sake. He offered to return her to the ocean at once, but she declined, telling him that she prefered life with him, even confined in a pool (her fins that she walked on could not bear her weight on land) to life as a hunted refugee in the sea.

They would talk for hours on end about each other’s lives, and she rapidly seduced him, luring him into her pool for long gentle love sessions, during which, amongst many other things, she would lick his neck with the tounge that held her stinger. As far as a Surash could love a human, she did fall in love with him.He was far more handsome then any male Surash and far more sincere as well. More to the point, he was her chance to return as a somebody and regain her status in life.

After three months he agreed, without the knowledge of the Shogun or the Company Admirals, to lead a force of several thousand sailors wearing the latest suits, each with it’s oxygen supply, down to the city of her birth. Beforehand he let her go, fearing he would never see her again, because she told him that she had sympathizers in her city who would open the gates for them. It worked. The assault was successful and the Surash warriors found themselves facing rank on rank of harpoon-gunners firing guns that had been designed by the best scientists in all of Banhoesea. They had developed a chemical that when it mixed with water, acted like compressed air would.

Knowing how fragile her regime was, Emily acted quickly. She granted an amnesty to all but the three worst offenders against her, who she had exiled rather then executed, and allowed those who wanted to leave the city to do so. Taking her lover’s advice she had a Court of Justice set up and certain things such as murder were formally declared illegal, which boosted her popularity to some extent. She also gave some of those who might have caused serious trouble, posts in her administration.She gave her lover a choice…leave and return to the surface, or take a potion that would let him breath underwater and remain with her. He chose the latter, giving up his Company post for his beautiful Surash girlfriend. Unusally for a Surash, she fell genuinely in love with him and the two are now very close, despite his slow swimming speed compared to hers.As a sign of great love, she has adopted his family name.

Some of his men left, others chose to take the same potion and remain underwater as well fed, well paid guards.Several have themselves won over Surash females, who consider them much more handsome then male Surash.

Roleplaying Notes:

Like all Surash, she cares about herself most of all, her family (and in her case, her human lover) and her Clan, in that order.She has little or no magic but can learn it with ease, suject to the restrictions of her ocean home.


Stranded-Instead of the Rear Admiral finding her washed up, the PC’s do. What do they choose to do with her?

Diplomatic Niceties-The PC’s are diplomats and encounter her in that capacity.

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Comments ( 2 )
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September 8, 2005, 9:58
A very convincing and believable character with feasible motivations. Certainly a very interesting character for PC'S serving as high level ambassador and diplomats to interact with. 4/5 for that alone,and another extra point for being creative and bridging Acqua with the Surash nation. So you get 5/5 all together.
Voted valadaar
January 29, 2007, 8:30
This is a really good sub of yours that should see the light!

Very original!


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