The Pacific Rim Coalition is a non-national superstate, much like the current day European Union. The Coalition formed from progressive liberal populations of North America splitting away from the more conservative and traditional central and eastern portions of the former super power, as well as an association of Pacific Ocean nations.

The PRC formed in response to the militarism of the Atlantic Federation to the East and the hegemonic and imperialistic Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere in the West.

Member Nations

The Republic of California

The Republic of California is composed of the former states of the California, Nevada, and parts of Arizona and Baja Mexico. It is a Democratic republic with a strong progressive liberal ideology. Cloning is generally not encouraged, but robots and machine intelligence is popular.


The northern parts of California, along with Oregon, Washington state, British Columbia all joined to create an eco-preservation state. Cascadia is based around personal liberty, and a very strong 'Green Party' and is a leader in biotechnologies including things like creches, restoration of depleted animal populations and reforestation efforts.

The Republic of Alaska

Alaska and the former Canadian provinces of the Yukon and Northwest Territories exist as a very large, resource rich but badly depopulated nation. Alaska is staunchly conservative, but are largely resistant to pro-war factions. Alaska has not made any major successes in the matter of restoration of population initiatives.


Formerly the island nation of Japan, Nippon is a foundation nation of the Second Renaissance, with major influence in the realm of the CogNet as well as advanced robotics. Nippon also has some of the best mecha engineers and designers in the world.


The aboriginal continent has had success with cloning initiatives and exporting it's Outback culture to an extent, but remains the often ignored third member of the PRC behind California and Nippon. Australia is also a top creator of genetic augmentation procedures and products, a legacy of its modern era genetic and biological weapons research programs. (Yes, it was an Australian lab and group of doctors who invented the hormone based genetic injection that causes safe natural breast enlargement without the horrors of implant surgery. God bless them.

New Zealand

A minor member, New Zealand is known for agricultural exports, seacologies, and the Middle Earth Biome Complex.

Minor Nations

There are a number of nations that are lesser, or junior members of the PRC and have limited powers within the N.E.G. compared to the above mentioned nations.

The Philipines

The Kingdom of Hawai'i

Indonesia (disputed)

Indonesia has a large number of Seacologies and Raft Cities. It is also claimed by the ACPS, and is a source of conflict between the two NEGs.

Basic Conventions and Ideals

The PRC generally eschews military conflict. While Nippon provides the bulk of the armed forces, and California and Hawai'i support the naval aspects, the PRC deals with most potential conflicts either through diplomacy, economic means or cyberwarfare.

Technology is the Future: the PRC has the most progressive views towards seibertronians, machine life forms, cybernetics and cyborg issues and using hypertechnology rather than arcanotech. (it uses both, but puts more emphasis on hypertech)

Ecological Restoration: The PRC has some of the most successful ecological restoration projects in the world. Nippon is a leader in the restoration of fisheries and oceanic environments, while Cascadia is a leading biome and reforestion technology creator.

Cultural Exportation: California is known around the globe for the centuries old practice of Media and Entertainment production. Nothing has changed, and it remains a leader in datastreaming, holovids and S3 media. Nippon exports its culture via the Nipponism phenomenon, and nations like New Zealand and Cascadia are poster children for fixing the damage inflicted on the Earth over the last 4 centuries.


Army: strong mecha corps undermined by relatively low numbers.

Airforce: best aerospace fighters in the world, again, undermined by high cost and low numbers

Navy: moderate, while having numbers, more funding is allocated to other branches. Submarines and surface ships aren't sexy.

Space Force: With few offworld assets (a handful of habitats and factory stations) the space force is small. PRC ships are very good, but somewhat lacking in firepower.

Cyber/CogNet: Excellent, possibly the best in the world.

Failings and Weaknesses

The PRC is known for it's consistently weak stance in military operations. It has over the last 80 years lost Singapore, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Korea to military aggression from the ACPS. It is likely that Indonesia will also eventually be annexed by the Chinese over the next 20-30 years.

The lack of emphasis on cloning tech and subsidizing families to have children, have hampered the rapid growth of California and Nippon. Their populations are largely based on extensive numbers of androids, seibertronians, and immigrants from other less tolerant nations.

The emphasis on using technology to solve all of the major problems has left the PRC in a rather weak individual position, as the average citizen of the PRC expects that the government or a robot will handle the problem and let them get back to their daily lives. The PRC has one of the highest rates of CogNet addiction, CogNet related deaths, and electronic drug addiction.


The ACPS is the largest enemy of the PRC as it is expanding into the island zones currently controlled by the PRC. The Coalition originally had Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri-Lanka, and Korea as members, but all have either fallen to the ACPS or fallen out of the Coalition. The ACPS has superior military power, but has had it's numbers held in check by consistently being beaten in cyberwarfare and intelligence operations.

Nipponese Yukaza - the made men never faded away, and with the resurgence of Nipponism, it has become vogue for gangs and criminal organizations to fall into the Yakuza model. Then the real Yakuza either adopt the new cell, or exterminate it. The Yakuza are strong in Nippon, and control trade and underworld dealings as well as having political office holders, some more open than others. Unlike many criminal organizations, they maintain an excellent relationship with the areas they control, rather than terrorize like common thugs

The Black Dragon Society - Based in California, the Black Dragon combines the ruthless efficiency of the Yakuza with the thuggish charm of the LA street gangs. The Black Dragon principally runs guns, drugs, and prostitution but it also has interest in stealing 'tech especially supersoldier, cyborg, and power armor gear.

Python Patrol - Australian based group of maritime mercenaries and pirates (depending on how much money someone offers them, compared to the number of guns pointed at them) that has ties to Amerikka Command and it's supply chain. The Patrol is very active in Indonesia where it considers both NEGs fair game.

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