The Tholl was an ancient position in the Kingdom given to the most proper of knights. He would have to be well bred and versed in the ancient ways. He should have some of the Old Blood in him, but that was not required. He was the traditional stand in for The Crown, when the Crown had a duel or had to attend 'Old Way' rituals that were not for those of 'the new religion' to see (which most of the people of the Land are). One Tildmouthm, a Tholl of old, gathered together several young knights who could be Tholl and taught them properly... so one could one day succeed him. Thus the Order began.

As centuries have gone by, most of the ritual and stand in duties have fallen to the wayside. The magical rites are considered foul and illegal now (though a few are still carried on in total secrecy in the name of the country). The Order remains. The Order of the Tholl is the Guardians of the Old Ways and the Traditions of the Land. Members know every old story, ever legend, and in many cases, the real history behind it. They also know the 'old rites' that no one is supposed to know anymore. They fight with ancient weapons and in an ancient style.

They wear old styled plate and chain armor, with helms better suited for decorating castle walls than being worn. They carry large tower shields (as did the warriors of old) and the broad sword of tradition.

Today they are a relic of past times. They are all still knights of somewhat noble blood (all should have old blood ties). Their reverence for tradition, the old code, and the pomp and forms of old is seen as 'cute' or a mere curiosity. Their telling of the 'old tales' makes them occasionally interesting around the campfire. They all wear their ancient styled armor and use their old style equipment and their tabards proclaiming their Order Status.

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