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June 9, 2007, 1:05 am

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Oin Bloodblade


An escaped goblin who only wants to live his life to help others. Yet humans and other more advanced races push him down and chase him off.

Special Equipment:


A small figure, no bigger then three feet. He has green rough and leathery skin. His race being more formally known as a goblin. Unlike most goblins he is not missing any body parts and actually has not a scratch on him. Other then that what makes him so special? His intellegence.


Soon after being born into his tribe a group of adventurers attack his village for no other reason then to rid the world of some the awful beasts. Among this group was a wizard. Not a incredibly strong, more the type who wanted to learn more about the world and its creatures. That’s where Oin comes in. The wizard and the adventurers were searching the tribes remains for any survivers when the wizard heard the growling comeing from one of the fallen creatures. He slowly approached it ready to finish it with a simple spell when he noticed that it wasn’t the goblin after all. He pushed the corspe aside to find the infant goblin lying on the ground. Being a wizard he wanted to learn more about the creature and perform an experiment. The experiment being to see if goblins had the brain capacity to be as civilized and intellegent as humans. So with permission of the group leader he took the goblin and raised him.He never named him just usually siad "it" or "you" when addressing the goblin. As time went on the wizard began to learn alot from the goblin, not so much about its culture but that could indeed learn like a human. The goblin learned how to speak, read, and write the common language.The wizard even tought the growing goblin a few simple spells. But even though he did like the goblin and enjoyed his company every night he would lock him in his cage and set him outside where ever they were staying. This was the part he liked the most because every morning the adventurers would get up an train with each other and of course the goblin haveing nothing better to do watched them and took in all there moves, even mimiced some when they weren’t looking. It was the same thing everyday for many years and the group traveled for and wide. Saw many diffrent town, even though the people didn’t like the goblin, and explored new frontiers killing monsters and earning gold for there deeds. The goblin stayed content with that and remained with them that is until one night when he heard the wizard was going back to town to stay there. The goblin paniced, he didn’t want to go back to town, they hated him there. He had to think of some way to escape. So he formulated a plan to break out. The next morning was business as usual as the adventurers began there spar. He wasn’t watching to day thogh the wizard had taken him in early and was gtting his stuff ready. He told the goblin they would only be staying one more night and then that was it. He had to work tonight or he was going to town. When the wizard let him out of his cage forthe day he roamed around acting normal and began to read. What the wizard didn’t know was that the goblin was looking for a Lock Pick spell. Which he found and quickly memerized for the coming night. And as always the wizard locked him up and sat him outside. The goblin waited for the right time and started his spell casting which actually worked. He opened his cage and quickly ran to the weapon rack grabbing a small sword and a dagger. All else the goblin had was a pair of ragged pants and boots and with these items he ran into the woods at full speed. By the time the adventurers new him to be gone he was miles and miles away. He lived off the lands and he survived very well only encoutering a few orcs and other goblins here and there, but they either paid him little heed or were easily dispatched by the goblins blades. It just so happens that he got his name from one of these battles. As his first name he claimed a normal goblin name short and easy to remember "oin". For his last name he claimed something that he saw often bloody blades. So he named himself Oin Bloodblade.

Roleplaying Notes:

1. Globe of Protection
2. Shock
3. Knock ( Lock pick spell )

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Comments ( 5 )
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July 17, 2004, 20:09
This is good back ground, maybe have him wander the local woods for a while, but its the spells that are not quite right. The minor pick lock can be a cantrip or something of that nature, easy enough for a low lvl critter. The globe of protection and the healing are another story. I have neverheard for a mage class casting heal. Now if he was out on his own long enough I would consider him as a mid lvl ranger with some druid like spells. Have him be like a local guide for adventures traveling through his part of the woods.
July 17, 2004, 20:17
Yea your right...never even considered that...he does seem more druid like powers...hmm
July 18, 2004, 10:29
He does sound pretty good...
July 18, 2004, 18:13
First of all, you might want to keep an eye on your spelling and punctuation. Don't just use spell check, because it isn't foolproof.
Second, the backstory just seems flat to me. I don't like it. The character seems pretty boring, just a benevolent goblin.
Third, what do those spells do? I've never heard of them.

Voted valadaar
May 28, 2013, 14:09
Only voted


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