Ever since the forces of hell invaded Earth and conquered it completely, demons have transformed the planet into an infernal wasteland and it no longer looks the same. One of the first things that the demons did upon invading was take control of major religious sites and locations on the planet and turn them into their own settlements.

Among them are Vatican City, Mecca, and Jerusalem. The nation of Israel has been converted into the largest of these settlements and given the name "New Dis" based off of the city of Dis in their own realm. There are 8 major temples in this settlement, each one dedicated to a particular prince of hell. With the 8th one dedicated to Baphomet.

This infernal nation is bustling with demon activity and the cries of the damned can be heard everywhere.

New Dis is huge. The demons consider it to be the primary settlement on Earth due to its size. The settlement is split into 8 districts each named after the primary temple in it:

The Leviathan District: Hell forges and other infernal weapons manufacturies dot this district. All kinds of devastating weapons and vile torture implements are produced here. New methods of killing enemies and torturing helpless mortals are researched in the labs in this district.

The Mammon District: The feeding pits are in this district. Here the demons harvest and grow their food. Animal and plant life native to hell can be found here as well as the rivers and pools of blood that keep them watered. Animals are bred and plants grown. Demons are seen working the farms here.

The Belpheghor District: In this district lies the breeding pits. This is where demons create new demons. Be it through mortals or other demons. What happens here is too vile to describe.

The Beelzebub District: Although there are residental dwellings in every district, this one is the primary residential district. You can find the House of Hell Nobles in this district which is a large infernal castle where the elite of the settlement reside. Others can be found in the houses and apartment blocks in this district.

The Lucifer District: This is the district where the power for the entire settlement is generated. It is done by harvesting the soul essence from tortured mortals and converting it into Argant Energy. Holding pens for the mortals to be tortured for their soul essence can be found. The screams and cries of the tormented echo from the large Argant generating facilities in the district.

The Satan District: Here lies the government buildings and offices that manage the affairs of the entire settlement. Laws and policies that govern New Dis are discussed and voted on here. Voting and debates on the various policies can get quite violent due to the nature of demons being quick to anger and pick fights. Also anyone can challenge another for their position by combat.

The Asmodeus District: The defense of the settlement and the standing military forces of New Dis are located here. Here the armies of hell train to fight enemies and every once in a blue moon, each other. Military bases are found all over this district. Intelligence agencies are also located here too. New Dis has no formal law enforcement and instead the military enforces the law. Needless to say, the infernal justice system differs greatly from the mortal ones.

The Baphomet District: This district is the main site of worship for all of the princes of hell as a pantheon. It was once known as the city of Jerusalem. The Temple of Baphomet is the main site to see here which contains the main hell portal to the nether realms. The larger rituals are carried out in the many shrines located in this district. Also is the Sacrifical Arena in which mortals and demons fight in brutal gladiatorial fights as sacrifices to the princes of hell.

Each district is named after the main temple in it. The Sigil of Baphomet can be found all over New Dis. It is the offical seal of the settlement. Each District has a Hall of Torment where mortals are tortured for fun and entertainment. The other form of entertainment is in the district arena where all kinds of grisly events are held.

New Dis is well fortified as there are so many forces that continue to attack and "retake the holy land". But the demons always manage to fend them all off. Cyberdemons designed, built, and maintain the defenses around the settlement. Many would be Crusaders and Mujahideen have given up their lives trying to breach them. But to no avail. In front of the massive border walls you can see the burned and mutilated remains of those who dared to try and attack.

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Despite the hell having control of the world, there are two major human enclaves.

One of them is known as the Infernal Union of American States. This is the former USA which is now the largest enclave of demon worshiping cultists on earth. Here humans and demons live among each other peacefully. You can also find half-demon cambions here too.

The other one is known as the Nation of Colombian Christians. This is the nation of Colombia which is the last remaining human country that has not been taken over by the demons. This is due to the heavily fortified borders and the last remaining UAC base that remains untainted by demonic influence. The standing military is well equipped to fend off the demon invaders and has been successfully doing so ever since the beginning of the invasion.

There are also two major factions that are currently trying to fight back against the demons.

The first is the Order of Christian Crusader Knights. This is a PMC that is currently 72,000,256 members strong and consists of former Christian UAC forces and civilians who have taken up arms to drive the forces of hell back where they belong. Their headquarters is located the capital of what used to be the nation of Spain.

The second is the Caliphate of Islamic Mujahideen. A powerful army of former Muslim UAC forces and religious zealots who have vowed to drive the demonic menace back to hell. It currently has 67,025,545 members. Their headquarters is located in the capital of the former nation of Qatar.