Minon's spear was once a pike like many other, save for it was wielded by a man who would be a hero. A soldier in an army lead by a greedy king on a foolish crusade, he was the only soul to survive the war.

The king wanted the fabled riches of the desert kingdom on his eastern border, so he had the churches declare it to be the origin of thier belief and the inhabitants infiedels. He mounted an army to 'free their holy land' and marched onward. The desert people were skillful horsemen and slew the army where it had fortified itself in the sand.

The last to fall were the pikemen, but as the horsemen rode thier horses upon the pikemen's lances and lept off to cut down the soldiers, one remained standing. During the final charge he had not wept, screamed or shied away, rather, he had stood bravely and strongly as death swept around him, painting the sands with gore. Still he stood as the Prince of the Sands rode up to him, and told him to follow him to the treasure his king had quested over.

Three days the horsemen of the desert rode, and for three days the pikeman followed carrying his pike through the dunes. At the setting of the sun on the third day, the returning army arrived at thier desert oasis. The pikeman ran to the spring's edge and drank deeply, tasting water for the first time in three days. The Prince of the Sands laughed and said 'Yes, drink deeply, for you drink of your King's treasure; for in the desert, gold cannot quench your thirst.

'In the morning you are free to return to your lands. We will even make you a bargin: We will give you water and food enought to return to your lands if you also carry with you the truth of our desert treasure. What say you?'

The soldier agreed and Minon returned to his homeland and prepared to brunt at the stake by the church for blaspheming thier laws. Instead he found his land in flames. In the absence of an army to fight it off, an evil dragon had attacked the town. Many had run to the churches for shelter, so the dragon had set them aflame and killed all those inside. No one left alive cared of the church or the crusade, just living to see the next dawn.

Minon vowed to repay the death he had dealt in the foolish war and tracked the dragon to it's cave. He followed it to it's lair and thrust at it with his pike. The dragon rounded on him and leapt into the air to fall upon him. Minon set his pike in the cave floor and shouted at the dragon as his blow fell. The pike tip pierced the dragon's breast and impaled his heart, but as he fell, the spear's shaft creaked and split, splintering up into Minon's chest as well.

Dragon and human blood mingled as the villian and victor were slain by the same blow. The people were saved and a new savior was found; one who did not want for gold or riches, one who would not shy away from evil, one who was a good man and helped his fellow man. Minon's name put many a babe to sleep on countless nights before the cave that held dragon and human bones on a single shaft was found.

The shaft has been replaced and the pike is sound again, and whenever a hero needs a weapon to save the lands, Minon's spear finds its way to that hero.

Magical Properties:

Minon's spear can not break without the force of a diety working on it. Even the entire weight of a mountain will not break it, unless said mountain is a diety.

Further aiding the pike is it's stopping power. If the wielder sets the pike's butt into the ground and braces for the charge, the spear and wielder will not move. They become anchored in place and are an immovable object. The wielder may still take damage, but untill the wielder decides to move or is dead, they do not move.

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