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April 22, 2006, 5:59 pm

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Melissa O'Neil


The saloon was smokey on the hot prairie night. She looked over her fan at her fellow players. The fan hid her smile, but not the smile in her eyes. “Well Gentlemen, I think I won’t call you on that.” Her dollars hit the table. “I think I’ll raise.”

Western styled character. Originally inspired by Deadland. Adaptable to a western styled campaign and some fantasy games, but really best in her home setting.

AKA: Melissa O’Niel is also Melissa Fong

5’ 105 Lbs. Petite. Long Black Hair, with a bit of wave. Green Eyes. Vaguely Asian Features, but could very easily pass for a White. Tends towards Chinese dresses and hairstyles, but is just as comfortable in American Clothes. Not too fond of trail clothes, but she is not going to wear some $20 dress in the dust. Always has that “Fan”.

Important Skills, Knowledge, Training
She is a expert level performer and gambler. She is a mistress of intimidation, bluffing, lying, and using overawe. She can size up a person, learning their strengths and weaknesses, in short order. She can ride and shoot, though she chooses not to. She knows Asian martial arts instead of brawling, and is quite good.

Special Talents
She is a Huckster, a Deadlands magik user. She knows a dozen or so spells. She specializes in Trinkets and helping hands (useful in gambling). She shys away from flashy and powerful spells, while they can solve problems, they normally cause more. She always carries a folding fan and is always using it. She uses the fan to conceal her huckster cards (with a great deal of slight of hand).
Her voice is her most powerful tool. While it does not shatter glass or break bones, she can use it to manipulate others. Most of the time, her voice is soothing and nice. Her singing can be angelic. With her purty (pretty in western speak) looks, she can be quite beguiling. However, she can alter her tone of voice to sound cold, ruthless, and dangerous.

Two voice knacks one for soothing and one for cold

Her eyes have great depth. Normally, that is part of her beauty. However, she has great control over them, being able to express emotions and almost project sentences through them. The stare and Purty

She grew up in California and the Maze. Her Father was a miner, but lost his life in a landslide. Her mother became a local Madam, who ran an active gambling den. Her house catered to everyone who had money. It was here that Melissa learned her way around men and Cards. It was from one of the old gamblers, Joshua Ashton, that she learned her poker skills and the tidbits of huckstering. Some heavy duty pirates have moved into the area, and Melissa pissed of the Captain. Now she is on the move until things cool down. She might even go back to her mother’s house, but she might make her way in the world.

She is currently making her way around the Weird West as a performer. She is supplementing her income by playing of Poker when the stakes are high enough. If she needs some quick cash, she will fleece some strangers out of their cash in a “friendly game”.

Special Equipment
The fan, which is just a normal folding fan. She actually has dozens of them, one for every outfit and a few spares.

A custom 2 shot concealable ladies gun. She has a spring sleeve holster for it, when she thinks she will need it. She has a small caliber colt knockoff, for when she needs to shoot.

Her wardrobe is extensive. It is only through magik that she can keep it in the single wardrobe.

Roleplaying Notes
Melissa acts the part of a fluffy saloon girl/ performer. It is all an act so people will underestimate her. She is cunning, calculating, and as cold as ice. Those traits only appear when she “gets that look in her eye”. She is loyal to friends and comrades who earn her respect (show they are somewhat trustworthy and are not too stupid). However, she took two oaths early in life. One is never to be poor, so she could easily sell out so called friends for enough money. The other was to always help a working girl out of a bad situation. This oath has lead her into more trouble and will lead any of her friends into it as well.

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Comments ( 4 )
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Voted Siren no Orakio
January 26, 2006, 22:37
An interesting character, indeed. Surely this is just a sweet little lady trying to make her way back home, hm? *cackles*

There's enough dimensions to her to raise her from the 'venomous street girl' cliche, and turn her into a real character. I can use this one, and I thank you.
January 27, 2006, 11:32
Oh, that is true. She could adapt to ShadowRun with little effort.
Voted Murometz
July 27, 2007, 10:39
I think I'll throw her into an upcoming sub!
Voted valadaar
July 27, 2007, 11:32
Nicely described and the archtype is usable in many genres.

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