Mechograd Kobalevsky

The Eurasian Alliance has spent decades, centuries, playing catch up to the Atlantic Federation and the Pacific Rim Coalition. Some lessons they learned quickly, and applied their uniquely Russian skills to. One such success is the creation of the Mechograd cities. These cities are a mirror of the Federation's Castles Avalon, and a conventional mechadrome on a massive scale. The traditional mechograd layout is a geofront burrowed into the Russian permafrost, with a megascale spomenik central monument. Unlike the Federation's central arco serving as a residential zone and the industrial sectors buried, the artistic central spomenik houses the industrial, intelligence, and military operations while the residents of the mechograd live on the surface in a sort of gulag-chic sprawl. The mechograds lack defensive walls or towers, and rely on their defensive armies, remote locations, and environmental deterrents.

Kobalevsky was built under the guidance of the massively wealthy and powerful Kobalevsky family. They used contracts bulding bogatyr paramecha, superheavy tanks, and other heavy support gear to finance the construction of the facility. Once built, Mechograd Kobalevsky turned its attention inward towards become not just the leading mech manufacturer in the Neo-Soviet empire, but the most profitable one. The Bureau over Kobalevsky had the dream of becoming to mecha what Mikoyan-Gurevich was to aerospace fighters.

Primary Defense

The Iron Line of Defense for Mechograd Kobalevsky comes from its cadre of custom and prototype mecha, bogatyrs, and super heavy tanks. The fields around Mechograd are littered with the remains of destroyed mecha and other vehicles, even the wrecks of ships that attempted to breach the city defenses. Any force attempting to drop and strike against the facility has to run a gauntlet of debris, concealed weapons, mines, drones, and a waiting force of defenders annoyed to be left on garrison duty.

The premiere defenders of the Mechograd are the unique superheavy mecha that Kobalevsky have built. Where most such war machines seldom reach 100 tons, and never really surpass it, many of the superheavies Kobalevsky have built have reached as much as 200 and 250 tons, bristling with weapons and armor, with mobility being incredibly low. The terrifying K-41 mounted a pair of cooling plants on its shoulders, based on atmospheric processing tech, that allowed it unprecedented heat dissipation. With the two massive dimensional freezers on it's shoulder's, K-41 was able to mount a terrifying array of eight particle cannons and could fire them at will. It was sometimes paired with the equally frightening K-42, which was only a few tons heavier, but had four large lasers, and the ability to launch hundreds of missiles in a single volley.

The Kobalevskys

There are only three Kobalevskys that matter in the history of the company: Ilya, Vladimir, and Alexander.

Ilya Kobalevsky founded the original factory, where it manufactured heavy industrial equipment. He would go on to found a dynasty that would become one of the most important and wealthy in the Eurasian Alliance.

Vladimir Kobalevsky made the prudent decision to take the family business from making industrial and construction equipment into military contracting, swapping bulldozers for tanks.

Alexander Kobalevsky is the current scion of the house and has made an impressive name for himself by, of all things, becoming a mecha gladiator, and using Kobalevsky mecha to fight in tournaments. This has driven the company to design better and better mecha, competing against industrial groups who build one of a kind war machines.

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