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January 24, 2008, 4:28 am

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Master Kumdun


Master Kumdun is known in criminal circles throughout the land as a master forger and counterfeiter.

Master Kumdun is not Haibani by birth (as may be understood by his Bukdek name); he is of northern Bukdek stock, from the red steppes of Kurngchait, in the north, seat of the Might of Gangar Clan, and it is physically apparent, especially among the swarthy folk of Haiban.
He is an old man, nearing his 60s, and bears the signs of age in the form of a leathery and weather-beaten face; like most northerners, however, he has not grown frail with age- he is like aged polished wood, too hard to break. His northern provenance lends him a broad, high-cheekboned face with a sharp arrow-shaped nose. His hair is very straight and snow white, and hangs around his shoulders in a long alabaster locks. The top of his pate, however, is bald. He wears a short, bristly beard. His narrow green eyes, surrounded in a web of wrinkles, have a kind and grandfatherly look.

Kumdun generally sports a kind grin, and plays up the role and personality of the kind old grandfather and harmless elder. In this persona, he delights in giving gifts (funded by his quite deep pockets) to neighborhood children and playing benjuka with other (poorer) old men of the city.
In truth, Kumdun is an unyielding and iron-fisted perfectionist, and viciously ill-tempered. When he wishes to reveal this side of his personality, Kumdun can be stunningly cruel and callous. He is devious in a plotting, mastermind-ish way, and is not above using others as pawns and tools in his plots and games. He is an arrogant man, with a strong sense of being of high station. Perhaps shaped by insecurity, by a life of knowing the sting that he shall never be a big man in the criminal society which regards him both as a tool to fill their coffers and (as it is a Haibani society) as a stupid northern barbarian who will never be as civilized or cultured as the likes of them. e brooks his servants no liberties, and expects the exact same courtesies as other leaders of the criminal circles of Haiban.
He is not, however, a violent man, and is repulsed by the sight of blood. He is well aware that in his business, and in the circles he runs in, certain persuasions are necessary at times- he prefers to leave the room when these are employed.

The Master dresses finely, though (perhaps in contravention of his inflated sense of nobility) not so richly as to attract suspicion (it may be noted, however, that in gaudy, glitzy Haiban, this is a bit richer and more ornate than what would generally be considered fine clothing in the rest of the land). He always carries with him his curled stick, which he calls his money-staff, for in its curled head, there is a small hollow in which he always keeps a few coins.


Kumdun was born in the frontier fortress of Nak Nun, to a family of slaves serving the local commander, Rutbag Gorkug of the Bejewelled Triangle Clan, and given the name Mrukdun.  Little Mrukdun the slave boy lived a life of servitude for 8 years until the lord Gorkug decided that the child be sold away from his family. Mrukdun was passed on into the service of a landholder of the Might Of Gangar Clan. He would later learn that it was this alone which saved his life- his entire family would be slain in a Jjekki attack on Nak Nun.

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November 2, 2006, 7:32
Sounds like an interesting NPC. What are his actual goals, what does he plot and manipulate people for?


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