There are three pieces to a proper Mantle of Shame: the hood, tunic, and trousers. These are made of what looks like a poor quality sackcloth or burlap, and to anyone seeing them, the wearer is at best a person to be shunned and avoided.


The Mantle of Shame cannot be removed by the wearer. It is highly durable and can last for a long time before showing wear and tear. While worn, the 'victim' has their functional charisma stat reduced to a functional minimum. The wearer will be treated with hostility and scorn.

The wearer cannot remove the clothing, so bathing must be done in the mantle, or hygiene might be given up, making the function of the mantle even more effective. This doesn't mean that the trousers can't be dropped for bathroom purposes, but they can't be take off.

The mantle can only be removed by magic user with the remove curse spell, or by a magistrate/official associated with the organization that created the mantle of shame.


Mantles of Shame are used as prisoner's clothing. The garb is durable, and its cursed nature means that there are no disguise attempts or clothing changes for escape attempts. It is common for mantles of shame to be made with a specific color (orange is the new black) or a symbol or sigil that identifies them or the crime they were convicted of.


Mantles of Shame are used for creating scenarios like fantasy swords and sorcery versions of prisoner chain gangs and prison uniforms, or gulag gear. The would be hero might escape in a mantle of shame and have to deal with early campaign while being treated as an absolute pariah. It could also be used for a person of interest who wants to go unnoticed, or a serious punishment for a high charisma person who pissed off someone important.

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