The Belt of Masculinity

Originally created as a tool to make warriors more powerful the Belt of Masculinity has been taken by a small faction within the Gjallarmen. The belts were created from the corpses of powerful foes and is a sort of fetish to steal their strength and prowess and grant it to the person who wore it. When a man puts on a belt, they gain a few points of strength, and that's about it. Not much of a boon for wearing a leather belt with a dead man's genitals dangling from it. When a woman puts on the belt, she gains a good deal of muscle strength, some aggression, and to the horror (or arousal) of those near her, functional (but sterile) male genitals.

The Gjallarwomen are rare. They were strong enough to resist being turned into brood mares, or camp slaves, and ruthless enough to not engage in trying to liberate the camp followers or turn against the Gjallarmen tribes. With these belts they make themselves cunning and dangerous foes, appearing like women to lower the defenses of those they would raid, but with the strength and aggression of men. They do engage in the sexual abuse of captives, There are horror stories of those who've survived and escaped, telling of the Gjallarwomen castrating male captives and then raping them.

The Collar of Femininity

As the Belt of Masculinity is made from turning a slain man's genitals into a magic item, the Collars of Femininity function the same, but involve the breasts of a dead woman. Cured and treated, the resulting leather is further blessed if such a term can be used, and made into a broad collar necklace. A woman who puts on the collar will have her bust size increased, fertility increased, and if around pregnant or nursing women, she will start lactating. If forced on a man, he gains the sexual traits of a woman, small breasts, and related plumbing. As per the Belt, while technically female from the neck down, the collar doesn't allow them to become pregnant.

The Gjallarmen originally used the Collars so that the tribe could endure, with women too old to care for children being able to nurse, and so forth. When pickings for the tribe became too slim, the smaller and more effeminate of male captives would be collared and become meat for the tribe's lust, or for those who weren't put off by engaging in homosexual acts. 

The Horn of Summoning

The Horn of Summoning is a magic horn, created from the carcass of a slain great beast. When blown it summons more of whatever sounded it. Thus, a beast-tamer who sounds the horn will call a horde of beasts and beast tamers. A Gjallarmen warlord will call other warbands. Among the tribes there is a legend that at the end of days, the Last Gjallarman will sound the horn and the gods of chaos themselves will come to its call, and begin the end of the world.

The Great Banner

The Great Banner is a gruesome thing. It is a cross made of bones, and crowns and skulls dangle from its crossarms. These are the mortal remains of the kings, queens, heroes, and other worthy foes who the Gjallarmen have slain in combat. When present on a field of battle, all Gjallarmen gain heroic resolve and act as if Blessed. Foes facing the Great Banner have their morale sapped, and if taken below half their health/unit strength, have to save against Fear, or retreat from the field as quickly as possible.

The Whistles of Wailing

The Whistles of Wailing are made from bone and contain the dying scream of a Gjallarmen victim. A few whistles are known, such as Gwal's Whistle, which when blown screams HELP! in the common tongue. Nolsu's Whistle releases a shrill PLEASE NO! each time it is sounded. Before a battle, the Gjallarmen will blow the whistles, releasing a cacophony of sorrow and misery. There is no magical effect to this, but it is pure psychological warfare, as the defenders are forced to hear the screams, weeping, and last words of their slain kindred.

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