The Maenads

Who are the Maenads?

The Maenads are listed as a terrorist organization operating in the vicinity of Greece and in a variety of locations around the Levant and Mediterranean. They are considered a terrorist threat because they are violently anti-Atlantic Federation, Anti-Eurasian Alliance, and pro-Wastelander. They have some support for a United Europe, throwing off the reins of the other global superpowers, but mostly are an ethnic-nationalist faction supporting local independence.

A singular Maenad is a specially trained insurgent who is always a woman. This is part of the Maenad Creed, and in many ways, the organization mirrors that of New Themyscira and its Amazonian faction. The difference is that the Neo-Amazons have access to Federation tech, infrastructure, military support, and trade agreements. The Maenads have none of these things, so do not field mecha, power armor, commando forces, and the like. Instead, the organization boasts a high percentage of natural parapsychics, has training in insurgency and asymmetrical and guerilla warfare, and access to all the exotic weapons and horror flowing through the Silk Road. 

Long-Term Goal - The Maenad Corps an apparatus of NeOlympos, an ethnofascist initiative that is interested in reforging Greece and the eastern Levant back into being the Flame of the West, as it once was. 

5 stages

1. Athenian Resurgence - NeOlympos has to consolidate power over the former nation of Greece. This is not a massively difficult task as the entire region, in fact, most of that entire part of the European continent is considered 'wasteland'. It is not decimated by war, or lingering effects of the last few centuries, but rather it is not claimed by any of the New Earth Governments or New Economic Blocs. 

2. Restoration of Byzantium, and the Reforging of the Greco-Roman Superstate - Difficulty increases because once Greece is restored to nationhood, with a proper NeOlympian military, and government, the next goal is restoring the Greco-Roman Alliance. This is a historical alliance, not a proper national one, but NeOlympos would pursue it. This would see The consolidation of power within Italia, the Mediterranean Island 'pirate kingdoms', the Balkan Malaise, Turky, and what remains of the Levant Middle East. New players to bring into the fold would include Italia, Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia, the antique nations of Illyria, Moesia, and Dacia (the Balkans north of Greece) Anatolia (aka Turky/Turkey) the remnants of Israel, and the slowly growing power of Egypt.

3. International Recognition - moderate difficulty compared to the prior stage. Plans include the building of a new generation arcology on the Muses Plateau/Throne of Zeus, so that the upper levels have a view of the actual Mount Olympus. This would become a new regional capital and kickstart the nascent Greco-Roman Empire into a status comparable with the other New Earth Governments. Other actions include gaining representation in international bodies like Sigma Blue, and the various Interplanetary agencies.

4. Neo Europa - dominating the European Continent will be a major challenge because it will require either joining, subjugating, or destroying the New Hanseatic League, the Carolingian Resurgence, Force Sterling, the pro-European terrorist Armas organization. It will also make enemies of the Atlantic Federation, and the Eurasian Alliance, who have maintained a balance of power by keeping most of central and southern Europe as part of the Wastelands. 

5.Pax Hellenica - Once Europa is assembled under the flag of Zeus and the Dominion of NeOlympos, the great object is the Peace of Greece, Pax Hellenica, and a one-world government, ruled from the Grand Acropolis. Using arcanotech, vast wealth, and power, the peace would be kept by demigods (parapsychic supersoldier/gladiator/heroes) and genimal monsters would be epic powered weapons.

Turn each stage into a Plot Thread, 5RD, or Encounter


The NeOlympus Organization is technically a decentralized system of Maenad cells that operate independently to accomplish their long-term goals of restoring the Athenian Legacy. In actuality, it is a fairly traditional organization and its leadership is based around monsters from Greek mythology. Similar shadow organizations use pseudonymity but tend to favor Greek heroes and gods. Thus, NeOlympus is led by a man in a three-faced wold mask who goes by Cerebus. Other leaders include Minotaur, Chimera, and Cyclops. These men and women run the organization like a traditional terrorist faction.

It is worth noting that NeOlympus is NOT effective. Their other operations tend to end poorly, have collateral damage, cause civilian casualties, and most people living in the proximity of the organization consider them to be major terrorists and generally do not support them. The leaders are seen as almost cartoonishly stupid and are disruptive to any actual formation of state-level government.


Operating under the name of Gorgon, the founder of NeOlympus is still alive and vigorously engaged. The woman is rarely seen, and never without a gold gorgon mask. When she makes appearances to the organization, she is barely clothed in a diaphanous toga that completely fails to cover her ample breasts and dark triangle of pubic hair, and a gold mask of a Mona Lisa-esque woman's face wreathed by hissing snakes of many species.

Gorgon is actually Pherenike, the chancellor of the nascent city-state of Athens. She has led the Athenian city government in restoring itself and trying to reclaim ancestral lands from the wreckage of the last few centuries. This is also a pseudonym, but Yeorgia Dimea doesn't exactly have the ring of eternity to it, so she changed it. Most consider her to be a conservative and cautious leader, pragmatic to a fault, and refusing the accept the digital narcotic of the CogNet offered by the West, or the hammer and sickle of the East.

More: Pherenike is a Desolate One, and is currently over two centuries old, and remembers the last military campaigns that rocked the Balkans and the Aegean Sea with their thunderous artillery and horrors of bombardment. She has had time to hone her control over her parapsychic powers as well as avoid attention from other global powers as she accumulates her own terrestrial power. To this end, she has NeOlympus working under the delusion of creating a Hellenistic superstate to rival the Neo-Soviets or the Federation. The Maenad Corps has a very high rate of parapsychic eruption, and one by one, she is recruiting these women to her cause, and using her own power and experience with said eldritch power to hone their power and control.

Membership: 7 Sample Maenads

1. Amazon

The Amazon Maenad is as close to the organization has to regular soldiers. There is a massive level of hostility between the New Themysciran Amazons and the Maenad Amazons, as both consider themselves true and the other false. The typical Maenad Amazon is lightly armored, usually improvised leather or scrap armor for militia level, to basic combat armor for veterans. They also favor lighter weapons, with the submachine gun being popular, but plastic lasers in their various forms are also routinely present. What sets them apart from traditional infantry, other than being all female, is that they are prone to using terror tactics, improvised weapons, and almost every one of them has some skill in demolitions and explosives, meaning there is no telling what sort of nastiness an Amazon might have as a thrown device. 

2. Fury

The Fury Maenad is superficially similar to the Amazon, having the same basic equipment. The Fury is more geared for assault and close combat. These vicious warriors have melee weapons and combat drugs to enhance their hand to hand potential. While militia level Furies are attacking with knives and improvised shivs, veteran and elite Furies can equip wasteland hypertech weapons, with Wolverine style Power Claws being highly favored. 

3. Siren

Again, similar to an Amazon, the Siren is light infantry with an emphasis on speed.

4. Heavy - Gorgon

5. Fast - Harpy

6. Artillery - Hydra

7. Special - Lamia

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