Brief Description:

A thick leather bracelet (usually a light brown or dark red) about 7-and-a-half inches long and three-and-a-half inches in diameter. It is all one solid piece designed to slip over the forearm. There are no visible seems. There is a pattern of spirals and curving lines of silver inlaid within the leather.


The Hoto people inhabited a small island far out in the southern-most ocean. Their land was rich and bountiful, teeming with fresh fruits and plentiful game. Pure, clean water flowed from the great mountain that was the center of the island. They called their home Wanto Hoi, Great Haven.

The Hoto worshipped a number of gods but the greatest of all these gods was Ligia, the Iron Fisted one. Ligia was the god of justice, protection and hard-work. He was said to have long, golden hair and skin like bronze. Both his hands were fists of solid iron.

Whether it was fate or coincidence that caused Drevali Giado to shipwreck on their small island is a question only the gods could answer. (I will add an NPC entry for him soon) When the Hoto found him wandering dazedly about the beach they were set to kill him thinking he was a demon come to wreck havoc upon them. Drevali threw up his hands in defense, babbling his name and attempting to persuade them to spare his life. The Hoto only understood a single part of his gibberish, DrevaLI GIAdo. The name of their greatest god uttered by the stranger was enough to give them pause and when they saw his right hand, frozen into a fist of solid iron (an accident from a few weeks earlier, see NPC entry for Drevali Giado) they knew that Ligia had come to judge them.

Things rapidly got out of hand. Drevali quickly took advantage of the Hoto and abused his godhood relentlessly. Though he looked like Ligia, he certainly acted nothing like what the Hoto thought he would. A divide began to appear between those who were loyal to Drevali and those who believed he was really the demon they had originally believed him to be. A civil war erupted. The 'unbelievers' were driven out to the smaller islands that surrounded Wanto Hoi. Months passed with either side unable to gain the advantage.

It was the high priest of the Hoto, exiled to the smaller islands with the other rebels, who created the first bracelet. Deep in a trance he drew a series of lines and curves on a piece of leather (used by Hoto priests to record their visions) then tied the piece around his forearm. It instantly turned into an iron fist. Ligia had spoken.

In the middle of the night, the rebel Hoto slipped onto the main island. The ensuing fight was vicious and bloody. Each rebel was armed with an iron fist, they very sight of which threw Drevali's loyal Hoto into confusion and fear. The iron fisted Hoto rounded up each of their villianous kin and crushed their heads in. Drevali was also captured in the fight and sentenced to a far worse punishment. A bracelet was attatched to his left arm, making both his hands into iron fists. He was rowed far out into the ocean and dumped overboard. He managed to stay afloat for a minute or so and then sank beneath the waves. The victorious Hoto celebrated their victory and mourned their dead, throwing all the bracelets they had made into a great fire as tribute to Ligia.

It would have ended there but once again, fate or coincidence stepped in. The bracelet strapped to Drevali's left wrist had taken damage in the fighting and he managed to tear it off with his teeth. The Hoto didn't see him struggle to the surface, the currents had carried him well away from their little boat. Near exhaustion, he barely reached one of the smaller islands before collapsing, the bracelet still firmly clenched in his teeth.

It was the arrival of a merchant vessel, blown off course, that got Drevali home. As the crew tried to go ashore to resupply, the Hoto attacked. In the chaos, Drevali slipped aboard. The ship pulled up anchor and fled, eventually making it back to it's intended port. Wasting no time, Drevali contacted some of his underworld friends and soon had many working copies of the bracelet made. Used mostly by the men in his employ, a few have been smuggled out and made it to the black market.

It's unique effects have made it an item of much interest among the magic community who would love to know it's origins.

(For more info, please see NPC entry for Drevali Giado. Coming soon.)

Magical Properties:

When the bracelet is put on it instantly contracts to snugly fit the wearer's wrist and forearm. The hand of the arm it's on will contract into a fist and then become pure iron. The person's hand now weighs the equivalent of a lump of iron of equal size and should be treated in every way as having the same properties iron possesses. Anything that was clutched in the hand is not affected by this change, it will not become iron too. It could, however, damage the item being held if it isn't pliable or durable enough (ie: glass would shatter, weak/thin metals warped, etc.). Also, the enchantment goes no further than than an inch or so past the wrist.

How a player chooses to use their new fist is up to them. It could be a used as a weapon or a tool, whatever they can do with it. The hand is completely numb, there is no feeling to it at all. Any damage sustained remains and resists all attempts to repair it. The hand is completely immune to metalsmithing.

If the wearer should choose to remove the bracelet, they may find it a bit difficult. They're fist will be too wide to simply slip the bracelet off and any attempt will result in stretching and tearing of the item. They could also attempt to cut the bracelet off and are sure to badly cut themselves in the process due to the tight fit of the bracelet. Likewise, any damage it sustains from accidents or combat (it is just leather after all) could also cause it's properties to wear off. (GM's be reasonable with the damage it can sustain. A few nicks here and there should have no ill effect but something in the area of half or 3/4s worth of severing should do it) If the bracelet is torn or cut enough the effects wear off and the hand returns to it's normal fleshy state. Also, a metal to flesh spell will temporarily revert the hand back to normal (about 10 seconds)allowing the bracelet to be slipped off easily. Any damage the fist of iron sustained will be transferred to the wearer's flesh hand in the form of scars. There is no bleeding or pain, just scars as if the damage happened years ago and has healed already. This includes missing fingers or whatever. It is possible that the damage could leave the wearer with a disabled hand.

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