Full Item Description

Opening the saltbox reveals a bluish-white, rather gritty, powder. It flows nicely and some grains form interesting crystalline forms.

Magical Properties

1 Pinch converts 1 cubic foot of ice to 1 cubic yard of air. Created air is at -40 degrees F.


This substance is highly inimical to ice. Normal salt will cause ice to melt, slowly and only so long as the temperature is not too low. Not so for Lechier’s salt. This material will immediately convert the frozen water into exceedingly cold pure elemental air. Though not quite fast enough to consider it explosive, it is very dangerous to use in confined places. The combination of bitter cold and high pressure can freeze a person solid if enough is used in such locations. Liquid water does not have this effect - it will simply dissolve it and convert it to conventional salt.

A single pinch will vaporise a cubic foot of ice, yielding about a cubic yard of air. This air is -40 degrees Farenhiet. As this material is magical, its effects will apply to magical as well as mundane ice, though to a lesser extent. Beings composed of ice will sustain significant damage when exposed to this substance, as if exposed to severe heat. Since the very matter of the being is destroyed, any healing that the cold blast might have imparted is denied.

Its elemental content is mostly earth and fire, though air makes up about a third of its content.
It can be found only in a few places - generally areas which have been devoid of any water for centuries. These locations being fairly rare, and of course dangerous, limit the availability of the salt.

Campaign Uses

This salt can be used for more then a couple purposes, but virtually all in areas of extreme cold.

1. Tunneling in Ice

By destroying ice quickly, and without having water or crushed ice to remove, it is useful for tunneling in glaciers, assuming a good supply is on hand. Ventilation shafts and protection from cold are a must.

2. Cold Grenades

Large amounts thrown in icy rooms can subject occupants to a powerful blast of cold.

3. Air Creation

If some means to store a substantial quantity of ice can be arranged, this ice can be converted to breathable air by means of this salt. Some means to counter the cold would also be required.
It could be used in a steampunk setting as a source of air for submarines or even spaceships.
A heat exchanger could be used to use the warmth of the sea water to warm up the air before it enters the living area of the vessel.

4. Air Conditioning

Rich nobles could have ice stored (either from the winter, or carried down from mountains) and then mixed with the salt to create a simple cooling system for their fine seaside villas. Could also be used to provide livable conditions for a cold-based creature.

5. Pneumatic Systems

Another steampunk application, one could use the powerful air blasts generated to provide pressure for a pneumatic system, though the cold buildup could be an issue.

6. Traps

Again, most useful in arctic settings. A glass door with two panes of glass with the salt sandwiched between, and an icy floor beneath, could ruin an adventurer’s day. It could also suffice as a ‘demolition charge’ to bring massive amounts of ice down upon intruder’s heads.

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