It was an accident, a tragic and terrible accident. They made up stories and swept it all under the rug. I saw, I was there. Those things killed you, they killed a bunch of people, but I did what I could to save you. Your brain, your face, it was still in one piece, and your cortical stack was intact. It was still interfacing with the local node, you didn't even die in the system...

Kizzie Whitlow

Kassandra, Kizzie to her friends, Whitlow was an innocuous and unobtrusive woman living in an innocuous and unobtrusive arco, one that was only remarkable for it's lack of things to remark. On top of this, Kizzie did not even live in the actual arcology, but in one of the three curtain towers around the central arco. Her very unremarkable life was turned upside down because of a freak accident. There was a dimensional fatigue event, and one of the strange factors of the event was spontaneous human explosion. Hundreds of people through the arco and attached geofront suffered spontaneous explosion, blowing apart in a cloud of blood and eldritch light.

Kassandra's fiance was unable to cope with her detonation, as he was wracked with survivor's guilt and DFE related PTSD. Rather than going through the grieving process, he took what he could get of her mangled body and dumped it in an amniotic tank he sequestered away in the geofront. Deeply deranged, the would be Mad Scientist started his work towards reanimating her. He collected more body parts from the black market, some being fished from biodisposal units, or from the cast offs of clone retirement. It was not long before the goal of reanimation was bolstered by the notion of turning Kizzie into the ultimate woman, the perfect image of female perfection, as seen through his unstable eyes.

Genetic Perfection

Whitlow's fiance, Lorentz, had no medical experience. In all rights, his experiments should have ended utter failure, and a freezer full of rotting human flesh. Something, some strange animus, or his own demented will simply forced the arcanotech he stole to work. After the Henenlotter DFE, there was a large amount of contaminated human remains to be disposed of. Several thousand people died in the event. Lorentz switched between stealing body parts out of the disposal bins, to stealing remains that had not been recovered yet, to causing further cases of spontaneous human detonation for the purpose of harvesting their limbs and organs. Over time, Lorentz filled several freezer units with the remains of dozens of women. From these parts he assembled Kizzie a new body, leaving only her head as the original piece.

Throw the Switch, Igor!

Lorentz powered up the amniotic tank and jolted Kizzie back to life. The thing that climbed out of the tank retained Kizzie's memories, and spoke with her voice, and had a shattered mirror understanding of her old like and skills. She was disoriented and quick to atavistic violence. Something of the spirit of the women killed, many of which came from sex worker backgrounds, pushed her to go back to their old haunts. The stitched together Kizzie wandered through the geofront of her old home, where she would solicit men for sex before killing them. Those that she did have sex with quickly suffered Henenlotter's spontaneous detonation, often exploding at the moment of orgasm.

Kizzie slowly recovered from the mental and spiritual trauma of her death and lengthy resurrection. Where at first she stuttered, would repeat words over and over, or would echo anything said to her, she eventually regained her former level of competence. This proved to be Lorentz's undoing. Once Kizzie realized what had been done to her, the amount of mutilation she had been subjected to after death, and the things she had done while still out of phase, sent her into a rage. Kizzie's revenge was to attack and rape Lorentz, to give him the affection he thought he wanted. He suffered the same spontaneous detonation as the other men did. Not content with this simple revenge, Kizzie replicated his process, and gave Lorentz a new body, one sculpted from his own desires. She made his new body from the mangled parts of dead women he had in his freezers, grafting his head onto a body more patchwork and grotesque than her own. Once reanimated, Lorentz quickly went insane and fell into a catatonic fugue state.

Author's Note: Kizzie is drawn from the low brow B-movie Frankenhooker.

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