The Man, the Myth, the Legend

King Phillip, Lord of Oberon is the avatar of James Phillip Thwaitecock, the CEO of Oberon Technologies. His avatar appears as a tall, broad-shouldered, chisel-jawed, Aryan fantasy of a man, dressed in homage to the autocrats of Victorian era Europe. His King Phillip of Oberon would not look out of place in a photograph with Tsar Nicholas and King Edward circa the 1900s. He has grand gestures, a massive aura, and a commanding voice, all befitting a Lord of Industry, and a commander of millions.

The actual JP Thaitecock is an anemic man with dry stringy hair, long fingers, and a dry raspy voice, despite not being very old. Where King Phillip projects masculine power and energy, JP is a waif of a man wracked by mental psychoses and chronic health issues.

Oberon Technologies

Oberon is well known for producing SmartBeds, providing ample programming support for dream immersion, and most profitably, Cog Gear and S3 Rigs for CogNet immersion and gaming. These are not really niche industries, but Oberon has built a name for themselves as a boutique manufacturer. Sure, an OCP or MegaLow set of Cog Gear will let you dive, Oberon gear is just better. There is no data hangover afterward, no chance of headache or double vision, and never ever neuro-lag. Oberon is the last name in SimSense tech. 

Well, there are higher-tier manufacturers, but they get their jollies off by being associated with super luxury brands, or in overselling materials. Oberon is good, but the new Bose SimWave III Cog Gear has 24k gold transducers and a liquid diamond cable system, why spend less?

Forbidden Mountain, the NIXIEs, and Aurora

Behind Oberon there are a number of things that are somewhat open secrets.

The Forbidden Mountain is the core node of the Oberon network, and everything that the corp does flows through this node, which happens to be located in the top floor of the Oberon Technologies demi-arco in Glasgow. JP Thwaitecock lives on the top floor, and the core node is actually in his personal home. He uses it as a table, a very large table. The core of Forbidden Mountain is his AISC "Maleficent'. This computer system is the heart and soul of Oberon Technologies and lives in the holo-projection table that dominates Thwaitecock's living room.

Insider Secret - Maleficent has an archandroid body that it projects into. Most guests to the Forbidden Mountain have no idea that Miss Angelina Perrault is the bio-mechanical manifestation of a misogynistic AISC.

Insider Secret - Thwaitecock hasn't attended a board meeting in years. The majority are held virtually, so he attends as King Phillip. When his presence is required in flesh, he tends to either send a liaison, or will remote pilot a bot. He is deeply rooted in self-loathing and refuses to attend anything he can. What he can't, he sends himself through a robot instead.

The NIXIES are bimbo bots that were created to be Thwaitecock's personal assistants, and they work tirelessly to keep the Forbidden Mountain clean and operational as well as perform maintenance on the other things yet to be mentioned. There are three NIXIEs, and they are functionally identical, being clones of the same artificial personality.


The official word on AURORA is that is a Cognitive Accumulation Capacity that is constantly dreaming and evolving, a meta-embryo inside the Forbidden Mountain. The NIXIEs are its caretaker, and they keep it content and stable, asleep and dreaming. This is the 'core' of Oberon's dream programming and content that it distributes through its network of SmartBeds and iPillows, and the rest of the sleep assist tech it has. There is a good show that it is an organic memory core specifically engineered and designed for this purpose.

This is a complete and total fabrication.

AURORA is a dream tank, and it is entirely populated by women that Thwaitecock found attractive. The simulation is constantly running, and they are all basically trapped inside a nightmare fairy tale. The challenges they face create the core programming for services Oberon sells after it's been run through Maleficient and the NIXIEs.

Insider Secret - the women chosen for AURORA have been kidnapped, and are slaved into the dream tank against their wills. They have been plugged in for a long time, long enough that the oldest members have permanent brain damage from prolonged immersion, as well as their bodies are in severe states of atrophy. They are kept alive, but there is only so long a body can be held in a non-suspended state. As members are unplugged, either due to death or becoming completely insane, new women are scouted and inserted into the system. Thwaitecock serves as their sadistic jailer and jovial benefactor inside the simulation, where they are his harem. Outside of the simulation, he routinely relieves himself with their bodies.

Insider Secret - Thwaitecock has a large number of illegitimate children, as the AURORA women have brought a number of children to term. These kids have been sent away, adopted out, and in a few instances, put away into cryonic storage to be harvested later for their organs or stem cells.

The Outward Door

The AURORA dream tank is connected to the CogNet, but getting out requires bypassing Maleficient, and getting through Oberon's security systems, the same for getting in. The Outward Door relates to the fact that the CogNet is part of the Dreamlands, so that the laws of physics and causality don't always dominate. Dreamers can reach out through the ether, through the machine or through the dreamlands. The Hidden Princesses of AURORA dream of their freedom, and people, sensitive people, feel them. The search has started, and they are being referenced in online fan fic and alternative media.

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