Jester is the codename given to a demented Desolate One of North American origin. The particulars of his creation are unknown, but he has demonstrated horrific abilities, excessive cruelty, the ability to avoid capture or assassination, leading some to speculate that he/it is capable of manipulating probability and chance.

The Jester leaves a trail of corpses behind him. He easily attracts entourages and followings, including young women. He has a fancy for them to adopt a common costume, a rather revealing fetish outfit. Investigators attempting to capture the Jester have found that these women frequently end up as his preferred victims. Their bodies are found showing signs of prolonged torture, mutilation, and psychological abuse. A few have been found still clinging to life. They are invariably remanded to mental care facilities where they spend their days as shattered ghosts of who they were before. A few have been pregnant and given birth to monstrosities.

The Jester is fascinated by Constellations. It isn't known if it is a celestial matter, or just a general fascination with playing connect the dots. What is contained in classified files is that the constellations that the Jester makes murals off are not known constellations, but do contain parts of them. The missing stars have been found, and are actually things like gas clouds, stars too faint to be seen with the naked eye, and stranger cosmic phenomenon. It is speculated that Jester is cosmically aware.

Jester has in the past commandeered a number of space vessels. Typically small and unarmed, he has seen fit to load them full of victims and shoot them into space. The trajectories chosen seem random, but mathematically are sound. Such ships will not pass anything that will slow them down and pull them back into the solar system, they are on long paths that will take them beyond the solar system and to alien stars. Fomulhaut is a common destination, 25 light years from Earth. A few such ships have regained self control, or were rescued by other ships. A handful were uncatchable and escaped the Solar System. They were not generation ships, or even well supplied ships, and one can only imagine the horror of the passengers.

The Jester has a number of individuals he admires, and he is known for sending gifts. Half the time, these are harmless things, retro-toys and pranks such as snakes in the tube, or stink bombs. Other times it's grisly things like severed limbs, organs, viral weapons, or straight up explosives.

The Jester likes to collect faces. He cuts them off of his victims, stretches them out and has his own process for preserving them. His favorite victims for this are attractive young women, who who makes a special effort to ensure their survival, and their sanity. No point in cutting away someone's vanity if they aren't sane enough to appreciate it. His victims have reported that he keeps these and some he wears as masks, others he keeps as souvenirs, and others he takes away for his own inscrutable purposes.

The Jester is a thing fascinated with chemicals, especially strange ones. He takes a particular glee in taking people and dunking them in large vats of assorted chemicals. The majority perish while he claps his hands and laughs. Some survive, hideously deformed and crippled. A few, those dumped in mutagenics, come out horrifically twisted and corrupted. Perversely, these individuals develop and deep and powerful bond to the Jester, and serve him until they perish.

The Jester has an appreciation for performance art. When not staging murders for entertainment or torturing others for his own amusement, he will abduct people and place them in elaborate traps. Those who are smart, self controlled, and determined can escape, even if they are maimed in the process. Not one to give out rewards for such innovation, Jester will often be close by to make sure his victims die. His favorite method of awarding winners is to throw them to their deaths, typically off of buildings or out of flying vehicles.

Jester frequently involves himself in hero hunting, picking out exceptional law enforcement officers or military investigators, and running them to the ground, picking them apart, and ultimately destroying them, not just their life, but their reputations as well. This is something that is known, and more than one police force has used this in attempts to capture or kill Jester. There is a small but professional organization that has been dedicated to finding and destroying the Jester.

How the Jester came to be in possession of magnaspawn is a matter of national security. The pit was found in Mexicali, and had over a dozen two meter long magnaspawn in it, creatures resembling hybrids of scorpions and feral dogs. The pit also had the bones of dozens of bodies in it. He would take captives, give them melee weapons, then throw them into the pit. They would scream, flail, be repeatedly stung, and then eaten by the creatures. Examination demonstrated the creature's venom was paralytic and not lethal, and that the victims of the pit were very likely eaten alive.

It's not hard to tell if a place has been a lair for the Jester. There are bodies hanging from the rafters. He hangs them like ornaments. Rescued victims tell that those hung were not enemies, or even random victims, but were his own henchmen and minions, and that he would continue to talk to them even weeks after their deaths. Only once they rotted to the point that their heads came off and the body fell to the ground would he acknowledge that they were indeed, dead.

Jester corrupts others with startling ease. His preferred victims for this are psychiatrists, mental health workers, lawyers, doctors, and other high end professionals. He physically seduces them, corrupts them with a fragment of his own madness, and makes them into his lieutenants. These former professionals can become extraordinarily dangerous, though the biggest threat to them isn't law enforcement, it is Jester himself. What he gives, he takes away. The most loyal of his corrupted victims are given the most horrific abuse and treatment, because it's all just a gag to Jester.

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