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September 11, 2007, 7:06 pm

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Islands of the Liquid Sky


This is the linking post for all the various Palordi lands

Palordi has a unique position in the world. It is nearly half way between the two Great Lands. Thus it becomes The Supply and Rest stop on the long journies between The Great Lands.

Palordi is larger than most islands found in the waters between The Great Lands. (There are some other smaller islands nearby that are part of the Palordi chain and claimed by them.) Palordi is quite warmer than expected. The winds here are near constant and always warm (down wind from Condori Islands?). Even the frequent rains are warm. Thus, It is lusher and greener than any other island in this broad blue. Two long dormant volcanos (Aahi and Behi) created the islands are are responsible for the rich volcanic soil that these people use in their terracing agriculture.

The Palordi had a typical islander lifestyle before seafaring became sophisticated enough to allow regular travel between The Great Lands. Since then, the beautiful Palordi people have become quite cosmopolitan, adapting elements from both sides of the Great Lands. Their city is an ecclectic mix of styles found from both Great Lands. They have almost abandoned their own traditional cusine in favor of cooking local ingredients (and a few transplanted ingredients) in styles similar to the Great Lands. Their city is now a central trading hub for all the other islander cultures. While trade is slowly becoming "brisk" between the Great Lands, some traders come specifically to Palordi for their goods.

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The Condori Islands

The seas around the Condori islands are warmer than they should be. (Can you say, underwater volcanos making islands?). This had made the waters teem with life. The fishing is good in these parts, but nobody lives here... and few will fish here.

Each of the six islands in the region are of good size, taking a day or three to cross by foot. They too are warmer than expected, as the warm seas warm the air around them. There is often a thick fog in the region, especially near the shallows around the islands. The islands have a great riot of life and fertile soil. Still no one lives here, with nothing more than a temporary dock showing that people have touched this land.

The reason for this: Condori Dragonlings. These dangerous amphibeous predators call these islands and waters home. They are the top creatures here and brook few others.

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Shanolori Islands

This island is not too far from the Palordi and Condori regions of the Ocean. It is not quite the paradise those islands are, but it is still special. It was colonized by the Palordi people some hundred or so years ago. Here, they live in a state closer to their original culture, though some of the Palordi cosmopolitanism and artiacts are found here. It is more than a mere "colony" of the Palordi. It is the home of the Shanos, the golden pearls.

The island is surrounded by a good reach of deep sandy "shallows" and a number of rocky reefs. The "shallows" barely qualify as that, being quite deep. Here the Divers, who have a (near) magical ability to hold their breath, withstand the cold, swim, and see in the murk, dive for the Shanoco oysters and the Shanos prizes. The Divers find "wild ones" as well as help cultivate them. The Shanolori shepard the entire reef and shallows eco system, making sure that it is healthy so it can provide "good fortune" to the island. (A healthy island is a lucky island... and one blessed food, better weather, and wealth). Think of them more as shepards than fishermen. Theirs is a near magical mariculture.

Shanos are the famous Golden Pearls. They are good sized (10-12 mm) round pearls (though some tear drops are found). They have a wonderful golden luster and shine. They are quite rare, as this island is the only source of them. The rich cold waters mix with the warm waters supporting the Shanoco like no other place in the Known World can.

2007-09-11 06:59 PM » Link: [4309#30096|text]
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