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August 23, 2015, 7:12 am

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In The Shadow Of Glass


In the monastery, they taught him the words. "A monster seeks darkness. A monk spreads light."

Without a moment of hesitation, he smothered the torch, and in the darkness he could finally see.


"In The Shadow Of Glass" is a story-line beginning with a group of characters freshly trained for the responsibility of going out into the wilderness and spreading the light of civilisation. A group of organisations oversees the training for this duty; characters may be trained by just one organisation in the group, or they may form a party out of multiple organisations.

The primary action within this story-line is found within cave-like dungeons. Delving further into the earth, the characters spread the light of civilisation, searching for any intelligent creatures who might be capable of learning to love civilisation. But any creature who loves the darkness too much is branded a monster, and is promptly slaughtered.

The climax of this story-line is a fight with a deadly Prismatic Dragon, where the characters will learn that some things are meant to remain dark.

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