The Human Flayer Mk III is the third in a line of automated machines used to harvest the hides of humanoid creatures. Though it can also be used for other purposes too such as torture, executions, and preparing people for consumption or use in rituals. This machine comes in multiple sizes capable of skinning fully grown adults to small children. It can work on corpses but for best results the use of live bodies is recommended.

The machine is designed by OniCorp, the hellish competitor of the Union Aerospace Corporation. Unlike the previous two versions which used razor sharp blades and claws, this one uses low power plasma cutting laser technology and a large suction panel to quickly remove the skin from the body. It is fast, efficient, and less painful the previous versions. The Human Flayer Mk. III will ensure that the maximum amount of skin is removed from the body and leave zero waste.


From the instruction manual of the Junior Sized Model:

"Before the machine is powered on, place the child on the platform in the center of the machine. It is recommended to tell the child that that it will meet a much more painful fate if it tries to flee. The use of a fear spell can also work.

Once the child is in position, and no one else is near it, power on the machine. The sensors in the platform and back panel will determine the size and weight of the child and calibrate the laser and tractor beams accordingly.


After calibration is complete, the tractor beam array will grab the child and position it against the back panel. When this is done, the back panel will activate and the child will be held in place by powerful but tiny suction holes.

With the child in position, the laser will move into position and charge up. The laser will cut down the center of the arms, torso, and legs. KEEP CLEAR OF THE LASER!

The tractor beams will then pull the child away from the back panel causing the skin to peel away. Once the skin is fully removed from the child, the machine will power off. It is now safe to cut the intestines away from the peeled skin."


The Demons of the Crimson Forge use the Human Flayer Mk. III to obtain the hides required for their signature work, Human Leather Armor.

The Slavers of Grikug use it to peel the skin off problematic slaves which is then used to craft their infamous whips.

The Cult of the Black Haemonculi use the Human Flayer Mk. III to prepare their sacrifices for use in their living artworks.


UAC Marine Sargent 1st Class Rico Marton Personal Log 12/12/2107

This is the 16th day I have spent in this literal hellhole. It has been the same routine day in and day out. Those demons drag me out of my iron cage and torture me to harvest their Argent Energy. They say it is suffering that creates it. I have been sodomized with hot spears, impaled inside spiked boxes, torn apart on the rack, had my skin cut and whipped from my body, limbs sawed off, even dissected alive.

I should have died many times over. But every time I experience the sweet release of death, their Archviles take it away from me and throw me back into my cage. Today I thought it would be more of the same. But the demons had something else in mind. Something I was not ready for. They dragged me to another room with a large high-tech machine. It had a large metal arch and a back panel that looked like a giant CPU heat sink. On the front was a large lens mounted to a rail system.

I was chained to the wall and the hell knights brought someone else in. It was my 10 year old daughter Stacy! The Baron of Hell told me that they brought her in from the Breeding Pits. Said that she was no longer viable to make new demons. I don't know what they did to her but I dare not think about it. I didn't need to though. When she saw me, she begged me to save her from the horrible demons. She was in tears as she pleaded and pleaded for me to take her away from this awful place.

I tried to free myself from the grip of the hell knights that kept me in place but despite my best efforts, their grips on me were unbreakable. She said they repeatedly raped her to give birth to many demons. I tried to escape but it was no use. I could only look grimly at her knowing that I was helpless to save her.

They took her and threw her naked body onto the platform in the center of the machine and she merely whimpered in despair as one of the Barons of Hell powered the machine on. The lens of the machine moved into place fired a laser into the side of the machine. She knelt in fear but the arch emitted something. I could barely see it but it lifted her by her arms and slowly moved her towards the back of the machine. 

I then saw the back of the machine start to glow. Something was keeping her attached to the back panel. I saw the lens align with her body and it fired two lasers that ran down the lengths of her arms and to her throat. Then it fired a single beam to slice her down to her genitals. Then it finally fired two more lasers to cut into her legs. She screamed the entire time.

Then the arch moved forwards and her bloody body was slowly torn free from the skin which stuck to the back of the machine. They cut her intestines free from the skin that now stuck to the back. She vomited from the pain and shock. I was unable to do anything but watch as they took her bloodied, still breathing body away. The demons said they would be taking her body to be stripped of the muscles and skeleton and the remains thrown to the ferals outside of this hellish complex.

Now they have thrown me back into this cage. I have tried to kill myself multiple times but the Archviles will always come by and bring me back to life. Wait, I can hear them coming again...

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