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November 1, 2014, 1:21 pm

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Hazards of Space


Space is an incredibly dangerous place, and all the dangers must be designed around when constructing a habitat or space ship.

more stuff - bleh

Of course you're wondering why the frack should I care about this nonsense. The answer is vermisaltude which is totally not a word I just made up. Anyway, knowing how all the systems are interconnected allows you to better set the scene.

Include examples...

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Artifical Gravity By: Pariah ( Articles ) Setting Building - Gaming - Genre
The human body is highly adapted to the environments found on Earth, and nowhere is the more evidant than in mircogravity or freefall. Within minutes Space Adaption Syndrome (SAS) sets in, caused by the fluids in your inner ear being unable to find "down" and promptly freaking out. SAS's symptoms include dizziness, nausea, and insomnia. Another issue caused by the prolonged exposure to zero gravity is the atrophy of muscles and bones, and if left unchecked this process will cause you to be unable to survive returning to normal gravity without serious medical attention due to your weakened heart, immune system, and bones that closely resemble swiss cheese. The calcium leeching out of your bones can cause secondary issues, such as kidney stones, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Your eyes will also slowly deform due to internal pressures, causing vision problems that may not resolve upon the return to normal gravity.
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Atmospheric Control By: Pariah ( Articles ) Setting Building - Gaming - Genre
Because anything traveling through space is a closed system, the air will need to be dealt with constantly. The first thing is, of course, removing the carbon dioxide and other chemical pollutants from the air. The system will also need to make sure that the humidity in the air maintains a constant level of humidity that is not too dry for the occupants but not too wet for any delicate machinery. Then you need to return to circulation any oxygen that was used by the crew and passengers, and lastly a constant airflow must be maintained lest pockets of dead air form. These pockets may be too cold, too wet, or not contain enough oxygen; causing potentially serious issues for materiel or personnel.
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Nutrition By: Pariah ( Articles ) Setting Building - Gaming - Genre

In the closed, or partially closed, system of a vessel in space, what you eat and how it's stored can spell the difference between life and death. Depending on the size of the vessel and how long you're going to be without the chance of resupply various methods of providing the crew with sustenance will need to be hammered out. As the effects of starvation on the human body are well documented, and have been understood well into prehistory, I won't go into detail on them, only reiterate that food is important.

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Power By: Pariah ( Articles ) Setting Building - Gaming - Genre

insert witty quote here

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Propulsion and Station Keeping By: Pariah ( Articles ) Setting Building - Gaming - In General
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Shielding By: Pariah ( Articles ) Setting Building - Gaming - Genre

Shielding in space covers two primary concerns, physical threats and radiation. The ever present threat that a micrometeorite, a piece of space junk, or possibly ejecta from asteroid mining might punch a hole through your hull exposing you to the hateful embrace of hard vacuum is one that the holovids play up to no end, but the threat of radiation, whether it's interstellar, stellar, or merely coming up from a sufficiently large planet, is nothing to be ignored. This radiation threatens not only the health of the crew, but can cause failures in electronics as well.

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Waste Heat By: Pariah ( Articles ) Setting Building - Gaming - Genre

The common perception that the vacuum of space is accurate in most instances, however this common knowledge begins to fall apart when you get closer to one of those raging nuclear furnaces commonly known as stars. At distances less than 45 light-minutes (about 800 million km), the recieved energy from a yellow-white dwarf is enough to heat the inside of a habitat past the boiling point of water, while in the shade it would be experiencing tempatures low enough to cause frostbite in minutes. Because of this, anything humans inhabit in space is going to be heavily insulated, to the point where the primary concern will actually be venting the waste heat out into space.

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