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April 15, 2014, 7:57 pm

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Halldor Vineblud Fulsven (1st Vassal and Devotee of the Way of Roarck)


A young Noble and Holy Warrior

Halldor Vineblud Fulsven (1st Vassal and Devotee of the Way of Roarck)

Setup: During the 11th year of King Moltov’s rule of Parna a group of warriors and priests from Parna entered the Dwarven lands without permission of the local dwarven clan. This resulted in a brief violent encounter between several members of a dwarven warrior clan and the Parnarians. The small group of warriors and priests from Parna, which also included a member of Dwarven Teamster Guild, did and find destroy a demonic presence that had cursed both eastern Parna and the western Ven mountains. The actions of that small group benefited both the dwarven lands and Parna.

However, the insult to Dwarven sovereignty was answered by the arrest and imprisonment of several Parnarian nobles traveling within the Ven and the closure of the trade routes between the Dwarven city states within the Ven. King Moltov called together his court to discuss the best course of action with regard to impending crisis with the Dwarves.

Appearance and Impressions: Halldor is a young first Vassal recently brought to Parna from Ator. He is six foot four inches tall with green eyes and fine blonde hair he wears long in the back but short in the front. His skin is tanned and rough from a youth spent primarily outdoors, and he wears no beard. He has polished and exact appearance. Although he wears the red piped white riding clothes of a Devotee of Roarck, he dresses in an Ivanvil style: wearing a hooded wool cloak instead of a fur cape and carrying a long sword and dirk instead of a mace or flail. With strangers and new acquaintances Halldor is reserved and cautious in the Ivanvil manner, although he appears comfortable with Ator habits such as boasting, loud emotive fits and self-assertion. With friends and other Devotee’s of the way Halldor has a dry wit, and strong intuitive since for the emotional states of others.

Personal History : Halldor was raised in three worlds. He is the Son of Baron Fulsven, the only ethnically Ivanvil Lord in Ator, and the Baron's wife, who was the matriarch of the Fulsven clan . He was trained from an early age (as were all Noble children in Ator) in the ways of Roarck, but he was also raised in an Ivanvil family with traditional Ivanvil values and character. Finally, the Fullsven clan were the ancient subjecates of the Dragon Wood (Servants of the Dragon of Green). His mother had promised Halldor to the Dragon’s disciples, and thus Halldor was also trained in the woodcraft, and arcane knowledge of that order.

When the invasion of Parna came, the Jocit clan, convinced the Dragon of Green to put aside its relationship with Fulsven and ally itself with the Jocit clan. The Fulsven clan was expelled from the Dragon of the Green’s service, and a bludskulder was forged between the Jocit and Fulsven clans. The Fulsven’s bludskulder prevented them from participating in the invasion of Parna. (The invasion of Parna was in name an attempt to redress the usurpation of the Jocit’s throne.) Halldor left his fathers service and took Holy Orders, eventually becoming the master of the King’s Scouts in Ator, and a Baron in his own right.

Halldor’s Keep in Ator became a popular one for the young warriors of Ator and soon he supported a large host. Halldor and his men gained a reputation for forest fighting. His cavalry, while not as disciplined or experienced as others, won many feuds with other Lords through surprise and stealth.

With the rebellion of the Jocit clan against the Moltov monarchy , Halldor was invited to take up a Lordship of all Jocit lands in Parna. Combined with his father’s lands in Ator, Halldor is lord of all the land north-west and south-east of the Dragon Wood. This is a dubious honor since the Dragon of the Green no longer has a relationship with either the Jocit of the Fulsven clan. Halldor also must walk the difficult line of being a vassal of two Kings.

Upon establishing his seat of power in the southern Hearnt, Halldor surprised the powers that be by marrying an Ivanvil woman named Ysra Vineblud. By Ivanvil tradition, Halldor is now part of the Vineblud clan, and Ysra and Halldor seem to acknowledge both Ator and Ivanvil convention in their marriage. King Moltov has shown favoritism to Yrsa and Halldor, despite the fact that his Queen is a Jocit. Moltov has openly expressed a desire to see more Ivanvil and Mitirangu lords at court and uses Halldor as the public example of that desire.

Halldor does not think a war with the dwarves is practical.

Secrets : Halldor is not as skilled a warrior as most other Ators. In particular he is not as skilled a horseman as the typical Roarck Devotee, and will avoid mounted combat if possible; often for no other reason than to save his pride. To an outsider this may seem like a minor handicap, but among the Devotees of Roarck and the Ator warriors this is a serious disability.

Skills and abilities : Halldor is also brilliant courtier. He is never too bold or too meek. Having served at the King of Ator’s court and now at the King of Parna’s court he is no fool when it comes to intrigue. Halldor is also natural leader, and he is clever enough to adapt his leadership style to his audience. Thus Halldor inspires loyalty in both Ator and Ivanvil tribesmen. Halldor is also a very knowledgeable woodsman and tracker, and even tried his hand at plumbing as a younger man.

Personal Weakness or Failings: Halldor wrestles with his Ivanvil pride: he instinctively resists admitting wrong, showing weakness or revealing his true feelings or wants. He dislikes this reserved aspect in his personality, because he feels this desire to protect a persona borders on cowardice.

Halldor is politically unfocused. He has no clear goal for his family, himself or his lands. He could be successful at numerous ventures, but flirts with many ambitions never settling on one

Languages : Ator, Ivanvil, Verbal-Draconic

Primary motivation : Halldor feels a strong desire to seek justice for the Ivanvil. Specifically because the Ivanvil of the Northern Hearnt were initially held responsible for the demon plague that effected Parna.

Secondary motivation : Chivalry. The Halldor believes that helping others is an end in and of itself.

Recent Past : The character has just come from Ironspear directly prior to the closing of the dwarven-Parnarian borders.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Pal3: hp 33; Init +1; Spd 30 ft.; AC 11; Attack +5

melee, or +4 ranged; SV Fort +10, Ref +6, Will +8; AL LG;

Str 15, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 13, Wis 16, Cha 18.

Skills and feats: Craft (Plumbing aka Leadworking) +3, Hide +1, Knowledge (Arcana) +3, Knowledge (Nature) +10, Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) +5, Knowledge Language (verbal-Dragonic) +2, Listen +3, Move Silently +1, Ride +7, Spot +3; Blind-Fight, Skill Focus (Knowledge (Nature)), Track.

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Voted Moonlake
December 27, 2014, 19:49
Like the companion sub on his wife, I like the contrast between him being a good diplomatic and leader and his weakness in calvary and esp. his struggle with his cultural heritage. I like Ysra slightly more because she seems more interesting whereas Halldor still seems essentially a knight at heart but then I know not much could be done about that given that he's lawful good in alignment.

Typo alert- I thought the last line of the Appearance paragraph contained the typo "since" which should be "sense" or something similar.


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