Special Equipment:

Grordrim wears mithril mail armor covered by a stolen gold clipped jacket and animal furs. He wears a crown that has stag horns on top. Carries a large heavy battle axe called Dorabwen(decapitator).


He is stout and birley like most dwarves Complete with a long black beard and his antlered helm. Untrusting and quick to anger, He can be a great enemy as well as a powerful ally. Tough luck If you want his allegiance though.


Grordrim was raised in the primitive dwarven lore of Faz-Gnomedrax. Being the dwarflord thanks to his battle frenzy, here is a piece of his part in my book 'the staff of Leviadan':
They were completely surrounded. Dwarves wielding spears, heavy daggers and battle axes. 'OO dares enter the coutry o Faz-Gnomedrax?' barked a surly dwarf who seemed to be the leader. 'I am a traveler.' began Ranfral trying to hide his identity. 'from Conqaz on my way to...' 'Aha!!' interupted the dwarf. 'E's a man!! We don't trust men do we lads!!!.' The dwarves responded in a monotone of approval. 'Yes I am a man.' said Ranfral. 'But I mean you no harm in any way. If you would let me pas through your....' 'Ha!' interrupted the dwarf again. 'No arm? No arm? Well you may mean us no arm but we mean you arm!!. I am Kreedrad huntsmen chief. Give up without a fight. We'll bring ye to lord Grordrim, he'll know what to do with ya.' Ranfral and Erkana were ushered off in to the woods by eager spears prodding from all sides.

Grordrim's huntsmen brought them before Grordrim himself only to be put to death a small while later. A quick escape on Ranfral and Erkana's part made angry Grordrim roar like a mountain rockslide.

Roleplaying Notes:

Grordrim will want you to beat his champion Borcuj, the berserker in order to be free from his custody.

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