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December 29, 2017, 3:14 pm

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Green Mountain Locations


Green Mountain is a small fictional town in East Carolina, based largely on the small town I live in.

Creaky-Leak Hall

One of the oldest buildings still standing at Green Mountain College, it is crumbling red brick with crumbling porches, balconies, and peeling woodwork. The four story structure is largely shut off to the general school population and is used for archiving paper records that don't matter anymore, and storage of things that aren't quite garbage, but probably should be thrown away anyway. The building is four stories, and is technically the tallest building in the town, save for the town hall clock tower and the steeple of the Green Mountain Baptist Church. Creaky-Leak has another name, but it is worn almost completely off the building's bronze plaque and everyone who has to do anything with it cannot help but notice the way it creaks, how much it leaks during the rain (and three days after) and the incessant drafts. The two century old building is specifically not up to code, and only remains standing because the cost of removing it or renovating it are more than the school can afford.

Why? Creaky-Leak has the obscure book archive, and is the home of the Green Mountain Paranormal Society. The society meets in the basement, everyone ignores them as being ghost-hunting nerds, and even if they show up limping and covered in blood or supernatural goo... well, they are LARPers and that's just weird anyway.

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Located in downtown (such as it is) Green Mountain, Pelley's in a dive bar. It is barely of note, with cement board cladding, a dated and faded sign, and a rundown 'courtyard'. It has kinda passing health inspection food, two kinds of beer on draft and three other kinds in bottles, and a rotating staff of college age waitresses and older between job women. There is still smoking inside the bar, and it has a seedy air to it. The courtyard was once a pocket park, but the city abandoned it, and the bar took it over, keeping the worst of the weeds and trash taken care of. It has a few beat up pieces of patio furniture outside and there are sometimes local shit bands who try to play, kids trying to get stoned, and a handful of employees trying to take a break.

Pelley's is a hold-out from when there were at least a dozen of these dive bars across Corinth and Green Mountain, but most of them have gone under. A few burned, a few changed owners several times and were abandoned, and a few were put out of business because of things that broke out, like a cook putting a customer in the hospital, or employees cooking meth in the kitchen.

It is only a matter of time before the current owner of the dive lets it go and out of it's misery


2018-01-23 04:23 PM » Link: [8903#98175|text]

Java on the Square

Java on the Square has changed owners and names a half dozen times, but everyone remembers it as Java. It is a typical upper scale coffee shop, with whimsical mismatched tables and chairs, wifi, and evening events catering to the upper income average white couple including acoustic bands, wine and painting nights, and banal trivia nights.

The coffee shop stays open because of a steady flow of customers, typically from the courthouse, including lawyers, bondsmen, and students and faculty from the Green Mountain College. It also lacks competition from any sort of major national coffee franchise.

The shop keeps changing hands because there simply isn't enough traffic to keep a high end coffee shop open, but there is enough demand for different people to keep thinking that they can do it better than the last group of owners. The shop also has trouble with being a hang out place for the small but obnoxious local youth fringe. To keep the black clad teens and their moping dyed hair and not buying coffee selves out of the free wifi, the coffee shop is generally brightly lit, plays upbeat and happy music, and the more successful ventures play up the whimsical and cater to middle and upper income people.


2018-01-23 04:35 PM » Link: [8903#98176|text]
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