The Green Arrows of Rannar are infamous throughout the world of Keschaille for their seeming beauty and deadliness. 

As the name would imply, the arrowheads of the arrows used by the Rennarans are a bright green, almost luminous. Coated in the the moss of the flesh-eating fungus known only as Green Moss, it is said to grow on the island of Rennar and other remote locations throughout A'rvathia. One scratch from these arrowheads causes the moss to begin eating the organic mass it comes into contact with at an exorbitant rate. Within a few minutes, all of the organic tissue of an adult human male can be rendered down to feed the Green Moss, leaving nothing but a moldy skeleton and tightly bound curls of bright green fungus.

During the Siege of Rennar during the A'rvathian Crusade, the Athean Legionnaires responsible for taking the island suffered terrible attrition at a rate not seen since the inception of the Athean Empire. A mere scratch from the hail of green sent from the defenders was enough to kill a grown man within minutes and the only method of removing the moss from the skin was to cauterize all signs of the moss. Unfortunately, this brutal method did almost as much damage as the moss itself and worked only if the moss had just come into contact. If the Moss had been allowed to penetrate too deep, it was almost always impossible to remove without killing the infected.

After the Siege ended, most of the population of Rennar was wiped out in vengeful reprisal for the loss of so many Legionnaires. After the destruction of the settlements on the island, the Green Arrows of Rennar became only a legend spoken by the veterans that saw the arrows in action. Any of the fungus found growing on the island was consumed in a great conflagration that turned almost the entire island into a cinder-stack.

The Green Arrows can still be found in the hands of rebels and warriors alike, although being found in possession of them by Athean authorities is a quick way to get imprisoned and then hung. Those who are found in possession of the fungus itself are condemned to torture until they expire.

The fungus still grows in remote, hidden places on the islands of A'rvathia, kept secret by it's tenders as the trade in the Green Moss is ruthlessly pursued by the Atheans. For the right price, a resourceful person can be led to a trader in the Moss. Just remember to wear thick and sturdy gloves, and for the love of the Light don't let it touch your skin!

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