Special Equipment:

A talisman which protects the wearer from mild spells. He took it off the body of a troll shaman he slew in battle. He also posseses a scimtiar blade, which was the type of weapon Daron decided to equip his newly created army with. In a rare instance of compassion, the mage allowed his spurned creations to retain their weapons when he cast them out.


With a squat, long limbed body that's covered with thick matted hair and his flattened visage that is futher disfigured by the protruding fangs, he resembles an ape with greenish skin very closely. This negative impression is not helped by the rotting leather armour and kilt he wears, looted from a warrior's grave, and his way of grunting hostilely when approached by strangers.


Born in the breeding pens of the dark mage Daron, he like the rest of his kind was an experiment aimed at breeding a new improved breed of warrior orc. The project proved to be an utter faliure however, as Daron's creations turned out to be stubborn, lazy creatures that refused to obey even the most undemanding orders given to them. Disgusted with them, the necromancer turned them loose in the dark marshes bordering his fortress, leaving them to fend for themselves.It wasn't long before the confused and desparate creatures turned to raiding small, defenceless human settlements located along the marshes. After taking part in a couple of raids,Gorlock realized that the slaying of helpless victims bothered him in a way that it didn't bother the others. He left the others and now wanders on his own, scavenging and sneaking into isolated farm houses discreetly when their occupants are asleep or away, rather than murder them. He will however, not hesitate to kill if attacked or challenged to fight.

Roleplaying Notes:

He has a magical brand on his shoulder, which glows if orcs or other half-orcs are present.It was put on him by the mage Daron, who wanted his creations to be able to recognize the presence of allied units, and which has often allowed him to avoid their company(Orcs and halforcs). Although he understands their need to steal and pillage to survive, he cannot understand their saddistic enjoyment of the needless slaughter of victims unable to defend themselves. For him, violence is only to be relished if it involves the slaying of a worthy foe who's killing can bring no shame. Gorlock has also developed a deep loathing for dark mages, seeing their twisted experiments as a crime against nature. He can never forgive the Dark mage Daron who was responsible for his miserable existence. A part of him yearns for the day that savage vengeance is inflicted on his monstrous creator.Thus, Gorlock can be a useful ally to any PC wanting to have a dark mage killed for a low price.

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