A delicate-seeming suit of armor, this beautiful plate mail is crafted all of ice and water. The stiff plates that protect are a translucent silver, carven with a thousand tiny blossoms. Where chain would connect the plates in a traditional suit of mail, there is suspended flowing water, colored the deep blue-green of the winter sea.

Born from the ice found at the heart of the Glacier, this armor was gifted to Celsia Frostblossom by Crysheth, the Avatar of Ice, when they found eath other frozen within a glacier in the northlands.

Magical Properties:

A divine gift to a new-made Knight of the Water Goddess, the Glacier Mail provides appropriate protection for the chosen. The ice and water are as strong and durable as steel plate and chain, respectively, and are deeply enchanted to provide further protection.

Most notable, however, is the deep chill that the armor radiates. For those without mystical protection from the cold, the touch of the Glacier Mail is painfully cold. Further, it is not uncommon for this chill to work its way into the weapons it fends off, making normal, and even masterwork, weapons brittle and fragile over the course of a fight. Further, the chill will seep into the wounds of the wearer, numbing them, and making them forget the pain of the wound for a time.

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